This year we collaborated with LKMco, a dedicated education thinktank, to research the state of enterprise education in today’s schools, as well as evaluate Enabling Enterprise’s approach.


An exciting year
It has been a thrilling year at Enabling Enterprise: We’ve been able to work with almost 64,000 students across the country – from north of Newcastle down to the South.

We’re proud that 96% of teachers see progress in their students’ skills that they attribute to Enabling Enterprise. Alongside that, our skills assessment [...]


Enabling Enterprise and Character Education

Enabling Enterprise is a teacher-led partnership of 230 schools and over 110 employers working together to tangibly build eight key character strengths and skills.
As discussion grows around character education, we realise that there is a common challenge around trying to pin down exactly what we are trying to achieve. [...]

Impact 2015

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Nov2015 24

The year in summary
Our sixth year at Enabling Enterprise has been an exciting one: We reached over 45,000 students in the year, across 178 schools and in partnership with 97 employer partners. You can download our full impact report here, or we’ve produced this nifty summary of our year in 2 and a half [...]


In this term’s edition, we focus on how you can measure enterprise skills and differentiate in project based learning so students of all abilities can benefit. Some of the questions we explore in this edition:

How can you measure enterprise skills?
What does best practice in enterprise look like?
Can you differentiate enterprise skills teaching?
How can you make [...]

Impact Report 2014

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Dec2014 03

Enabling Enterprise launched our annual Impact Report and celebrated our 5th Birthday at a celebration evening hosted by RSA Insurance Group on 24th November. Over the last five years we’ve gone from working with a single classroom to reaching over 35,000 students in partnership with 140 schools and 70 businesses in the last year alone. [...]


If you’re looking for a fantastic start to the new school year, the Enterprise Journal is just what you need. Our autumn edition captures some best practice in enterprise education and shows the great impact it can have on students’ readiness for real life. It’s also bursting with ideas for your classroom that we’re eager [...]


Welcome to the Summer edition of the Enterprise Journal. Since our Spring edition, it’s been great to hear new stories and ideas from schools across the country. It’s been remarkable to discover many different ways that enterprise education is supporting children and young people to succeed. We hope our Summer edition will give you some [...]


It was brilliant to see some of our schools and supporters out in force last week for Enabling Enterprise’s Celebration Evening.

Our Celebration is an annual opportunity to bring together some of our partner businesses and schools to share the successes of the year, and say a proper thank you. It also puts us through our [...]

About Enabling Enterprise: … Our Mission Enabling Enterprise is an award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise, set up...



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