“When I was in school I could barely talk in front of my own class, let alone in front of people I’d never met! The confidence these students showed during their presentations exceeded all expectations”.

The feedback comes from one of the volunteers from Société Général who worked with 30 year 6 students from Jenny Hammond, [...]


The Olympic Games are finished. What next for London?

Could your create an advertising campaign for one of the top global advertising agencies? Well this was exactly the challenge posed to Greenford High School students by RKCR: their creative brief…to drive tourist trips to London post-Olympic Games.

Working in three teams of five, supported by [...]


Working in one of the world’s most iconic buildings and creating a product to be distributed world-wide: all in a day’s work!

On Tuesday, students from Riversdale Primary School had the exciting opportunity to be the first to spend the day at the Gherkin, one of London’s most iconic buildings, working on an Enabling Enterprise challenge.

Visiting [...]


Greetings cards arouse all manner of emotions but it was pride which emanated from year 6 students from Edgeware, Tiverton and Brunswick today.

The thirty students came together at Argent’s Regeneration House, near Kings Cross, and following some icebreakers they got their heads down to tackle this commercial challenge.

Six teams of five students from different schools [...]


How many of us can answer the question “what did you do today?” with “I set up and ran my own business”? And how many of us can then say that we did it when we were in year 2 or 3?

On Monday at Freshfields, students from Curwen and Brunswick Park Primary schools [...]


Business guru Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” has become a buzzword in the business world.

It explains why some succeed and others fail, and is composed of three concentric circles. The external circle is the ‘what’ level – what a business is doing. The middle circle represents the ‘how’ level – how a business is doing [...]


Presenting to the Managing Director of a global investment bank aged 10? All in a day’s work!

The secret to efficient productivity and rapid profit? Teamwork. This was the most important finding for the students of Brackenbury Primary School during their day at Société Général, during which they created and ran their own greetings card [...]


What do management consultants actually do?

Help businesses to improve their performance. This Friday saw Year 5 and 6 students from St Ann’s Primary in Wandsworth take on a typical management consultancy project working with British Jetways, the UK’s (fictional) second airline.

The challenge was two-fold: step one: to devise a marketing strategy, which [...]

The Aldridge GEW Final 2012

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Nov2012 23

The Boardroom was full. Every eye was focused on the presenters at the front of the room, as they shared their businesses’ projections, plans and profits.
The twist?
Our fearless presenters were representing their respective schools, the Aldridge Community Academies in Brighton, Portslade and Darwen, in the final of the Aldridge Global Entrepreneurship Week Challenge 2012 at [...]


It’s been a busy two days at Bromford Group with two fantastic trips. Yesterday Year 7 students from Frankley High School came to the Exchange Court office in Wolverhampton and today we welcomed Year 4 students from Turves Green Primary and Forestdale at the Friars Gate office.

All three groups have been working hard on their [...]

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