Enterprise skills for life
Numeracy, literacy and enterprise – an infallible combination for any student! The first Enbaling Enterprise trip to Renaissance Learning saw students from West Hill Primary, Edgware Junior and Sir James Barrie explore how enterprise skills enhance and support literacy and numeracy – and visa versa. The students were brilliant at spotting how [...]

London Business School

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Mar2013 27

Come back in a decade!
The day at London Business School ended with the complaint from a volunteer that the students from Curwen weren’t older…. Because it meant he couldn’t hire them! Working on a challenge that tested their business skills, students showed great problem solving, decision-making and creativity skills – all of which the international [...]

First trip at Crossrail

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Mar2013 26

What’s engineering about?
Well, why not ask the students from Riverley Primary, Our Lady and St George’s and Woodside Community School who all came together to showcase their awesome teamwork skills at the first challenge day at Crossrail in the heart of North Greenwich.
The brief
With Crossrail being responsible for 42 kilometres of new rail tunnels [...]


Interview Skills
For sixth-formers, the university interview is often a fear-inducing experience; for new graduates applying for their first job, the experience is often similar. The skills to succeed at an interview are hugely important but are often under taught, if they are taught at all. Job interviews are incredibly structured, yet very little is done [...]


What do cyber bugs and careers have in common?

On Wednesday, a group of girls from Our Lady’s Convent High School took an alternative approach to careers, as they set about planning a new cyber society at Forward Internet Group. Their brief was to explore different careers, and how they link to academic subjects [...]


Primary Schools Working Together
It’s not often that you see primary school children from different schools working with each other; competing on the sports field perhaps, but very rarely academically. Here at Enabling Enterprise however, we believe that teamwork and co-operation are two of the key skills which should be fostered in young people, and giving [...]


‘That’s not fair!’ is a cry chorused by children all over the country, and one with which parents and teachers are very familiar. However, often this cry stems from the child themselves feeling hard done by in some way rather than an expression of outrage at the circumstances of someone else.

This week Year 5 children [...]


Choosing your GCSEs: the first of many decisions to come!

Decisions Decisions
The thought of choosing your GCSEs can be quite daunting, and without having an understanding of all the different professions that are out there, choosing the right subjects to go forward can be even harder than imagined.

Year 9 students from Cardinal Pole School took an [...]


1 small step for man, 1 enterprising leap for 3 London Primary Schools

Deep Space Wragge & Co!

Enterprise education was launched into space at law firm Wragge & Co today as children from Akiva Primary, Brunswick Park Primary and Tiverton Primary competed against each other to build a new moon society. Aiming for the moon [...]


Ever thought you could do a better job of promoting a new PSP game than the pros?

Well the students at Edgware Junior School and Stamford Hill Primary School did exactly that by combining forces to create a campaign to tell kids all about a brand new PSP game called ‘Invizimals’ at their challenge day at [...]

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