On a rainy Thursday morning, a Year 5 group from Brackenbury Primary School arrived at the impressive Wragge & Co offices at Chancery Lane, where they would spend the day stretching their entrepreneurial talents. After building environmentally toys and taking a VIP trip to Hamleys, the students were eager to expand their creativity, so Enabling [...]


It was announced today that Michael Gove has called on the qualifications watchdog to let Russell Group universities set A-level exams, and has instructed exam boards and ministers to ‘take a step back’ from dictating their content. This is amid fears that young people are woefully unprepared when they start higher education. A [...]


It’s not always easy to explain what we do and how our programmes work in schools to people quickly. Short of offering a Vicky Pollard style tyrade of information at 30 words a second, crucial details can often get left out. So we decided to create a little video which would do the [...]


On Friday the EE team travelled to Southfields Community College in south west London to pilot our Teamwork Masterclass, a new challenge day from Edventuring. As the name suggests, the day takes students on a crash course of teamwork, as they work together in teams on some high-octane and increasingly challenging tasks.

The whole of [...]


Year 7s at Abbotsfield School worked alongside enthusiastic volunteers from PwC Uxbridge to create and present their very own chocolate brand – which were then judged by a serious panel of top employees!

Over the day the students were exploring how Maths and enterprise are linked – developing their skills in market research to choose [...]


Early on a sunny Monday morning, 140 Year 9 students from Heartlands Academy descended upon the Tally Ho Conference Centre in Birmingham, where they would spend the day exploring future goals and GCSE choices. As the students entered the large conference room, they were greeted by the Enabling Enterprise staff and a large team of [...]


Students from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School came well prepared for their day at the Societe Generale’s UK Headquarters. Having completed the Trash to Treasure Module last term and currently publishing their recipe books through the Mange Tout Module, the students showed they knew their stuff during the introductory recap of why enterprise skills [...]


It was a pleasure to welcome students from Our Lady’s Catholic High School and Manchester Enterprise Academy to the offices of PwC in the centre of the city.
Having got to know their PwC helpers for the day, students explored the skill cross-over between being an enterprising person and an effective mathematician. The challenge for [...]


The first Enabling Enterprise event at Hays saw an enthusiastic group of Year 10s from Paddington Academy find out all about motivation and the world of work – exploring their own successes and possible future paths using the advice of the well informed recruitment staff.

The students were thrilled to meet a current employee who had [...]

Why Learn?

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Mar2012 13

When I was in Year 7 at school, we had to memorise the dates of all English monarchs’ reigns since 1066.  I remember this (not the names) because even at the time as a wide eyed, un-cynical twelve year old child, it seemed arbitrary and pointless.  Nowadays, when I learn something, it’s because I want [...]

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