‘I really enjoyed going on a tour of the Mimecast offices, I’ve never been anywhere like this before’ (Year 6 student, Southern Road)

On 3rd June thirty students from Southern Road Primary made their way to the offices of Mimecast in Central London to learn what the working world was really like. After arriving at the [...]


Enabling Enterprise launched its first primary projects in Nottingham by working with The Primary 6 Partnership, an innovative group of six large city primary schools looking for an opportunity to stretch a cohort of more able Year 4 pupils. Each group choose a theme linked to their school improvement priorities; ranging from responding to customer [...]


“Purposeful, interesting and busy!” (Teachers from Year 1 summed up the day)

All students at Whitemoor Primary Academy in Nottingham kicked off their Enterprise Term with a whole-school challenge day to introduce this new and exciting topic. Their mission was create competing Greetings Card production companies from scratch, turn a profit and present back on their [...]


On Friday, 30th May, Riverley Primary in Leyton, London, took on an exciting challenge – working in teams to design a new Moonbase Civilisation. Children from years 1-5 spent an entire day in a frenzy of activity as they competed against the clock to create the best possible city. They knew that working in a [...]


20 Y5 students from West Hill visited global business General Electric Capital at Hammersmith on the 23rd May to learn more about how important presenting is in the workplace and to continue to develop their challenge skills which they have been working on in the classroom as part of their enterprise projects.

Presentation Skills
“They weren’t just [...]


A Room with a View at BT Birmingham
On 23rd May students from Year 5 at Woodthorpe Junior and Infant School travelled to the BT offices in Birmingham. As soon as they arrived they were treated to a ride in the lift up to the 15th floor of the ATE Building. On their way to the [...]


Briefcases are boring. They’re bland, small, and cumbersome to carry on the bus or train. The workforce of Britain needs a modern bag to deal with a hectic world.

On Friday 23rd May, the challenge of designing a new super-bag for the workforce of Societe Generale fell to a group of primary school students. A group [...]


Oliver Wyman hosted a very bright group of visitors from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School on Friday 23rd May, demonstrating that you don’t have to be a graduate, (or even an adult!) , to be an excellent consultant!

Rising to the challenge
Over the day, the team at Oliver Wyman set the children from Year 5 two [...]

Kender Primary go to the moon!

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May2014 23

‘It was hard to work in a team at first, but I got better at it and enjoyed it at the end of the day’

Students from Year 4 and 5 at Kender Primary School joined together for a day that was out of this world! Throughout the day they would be taking on a mission, [...]


“I’d like to be a politician when I’m older because I would like to help people and make the world a better place” (Year 5 student)

Year 5 and 6 students from St Mary’s & St John’s Primary made the most of the polling day on Thursday 22nd May by learning all about democracy! How did [...]

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