On Friday, 30th May, Riverley Primary in Leyton, East London, took on an exciting challenge – working in teams to design a new civilisation on the moon. Children from Years 1-5 spent an entire day in a frenzy of activity as they competed against the clock to create the best possible city. They knew that [...]


27th June 2014: a day that will always be remembered as the day that mankind started planning for their future. When I say mankind, I really mean Yardley Park Primary School, and when I say planning for the future, I really mean preparing for mankind’s evacuation to a distant moon.

The Important task
In 2012 the world [...]


Pupils from Year 3 through to Year 6 became entrepreneurs for the day when they took part in the Greeting Card Challenge Day!

As the whole school was involved teachers decided it would be a great opportunity for children to experience working with pupils from different classes. It certainly was an extremely successful experiment as each [...]


“Our helper James Brazill helped us a lot.” (Pupil, Year 5, Kenmont)

“I am congratulating my team, because we used all eight challenge skills and listened to everything everyone in the group said.” (Pupil, Year 6, Kingsbury Green)

It’s not every day that students from Kenmont and Kingsbury Green Primary schools have the opportunity to go [...]


‘I would love to work at Exterion Media because everyone’s so smiley’ (Year 5 pupil)

When 30 students arrived at the exciting offices of Exterion Media, one of the leading advertising and firms it was sure to be a fun and exciting day. The aim of the day was for [...]


“I have learnt that even though we are just children, we can make a difference to our community”
A Year 5 student at St Faiths learns an important lesson at their Social Entrepreneur Challenge Day

On Wednesday 25th June Year 5 students from St Faith’s C of E School in Wandsworth took on their first Enabling Enterprise [...]


On Wednesday the 25th of June Oliver Wyman took students from St Patricks, Newport and Belmont primary school on a journey to discover the world of management consultancy.

Take Off!
The students gathered in Oliver Wyman’s stylish offices to hear their challenge for the day. It was their task to turn around a failing airline company, United [...]

London Academy Travel to GE

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Jun2014 25

Year 7 students from London Academy travelled to GE in Hammersmith for a day of challenge and excitement. Joined by Shabana, Prad, Julie and Andrew from a range of departments the students knew they were well prepared to face the day ahead.

Taking on the Challenge
Having no idea what challenge they woud be facing, the students [...]


Pupils in all age groups across the school at Wychall Primary embarked on their Greetings Card challenge today. Age is no guarantee of success though, as pupils in Year 6 found out, saying “In our team we had some difficulty with co-operation.” This contrasted sharply to the experience of Year 3 pupils who said “My [...]


“Usually I just make decisions that I want, but today I have had to try to make decisions that made everybody happy”
A Year 4 student at Kenmont Primary reflects on her leadership role during the Moon base challenge day.

On Tuesday 24th June students from Year 1 to Year 6 at Kenmont Primary took on [...]

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