“We are the best team because we have all listened to each other.” (Student, Year 6, Yardley Primary School)

The Challenge
Students from Yardley Primary School delivered an effective lesson in positive teamwork when they visited the offices of urban space designer Made. They demonstrated how to collaborate on a larger project as they went through the [...]


Want a more caring community? Then putting 10 year olds in charge of the country might just be the answer.

On the 16th July the Year 5 students of Kingsbury Green Primary were given the opportunity to set up their own political party with the aim to win the vote to create a new government for [...]


On Wednesday the 16th of July, the students of Chisenhale Primary School were set a challenge. A very serious challenge. They needed to create a new home for mankind.

The task
In 2012 the world was predicted to end. Thankfully, this didn’t happen, however, it has now dawned upon mankind that we need a plan B, somewhere [...]


It was a pleasure to welcome Year 4 from Riverley Primary School in Leyton to the offices of the Young Foundation (YF), a leading social innovation think and do tank. Students had already shown their entrepreneurial talents back in school on the Moon Base Challenge Day and their recent Number Crunching lesson-time project. It was [...]


Setting the scene
The students of Ashlyns Secondary School marched, single file, into their impressive chapel, filling the vast stone building with the echoes of their footsteps. This was to be the venue in which they would discover their challenge.

The blueprint
If the world was to end, where on earth would we go? Well, I suppose that’s [...]


Could you run your own business? Produce your own ideas, develop them, build your own product and then market it? Well, the students of Cowley St Laurence can, as they proved on Friday the eleventh of July. The whole school gathered together to face one challenge, to build their own greetings card company.

Laying the foundations
Each [...]


You walk out to face the CEO of the second largest airline in the UK, nothing but your wits and a little entrepreneurship between you and dismissal. Your task, to convince him that your marketing strategy is the best. You are not in this alone however; you have a crack team around you as you [...]


Year 7 students were the first group of students ever to go on a trip to Linklaters with Enabling Enterprise. As the students walked down the corridor they assumed the professional behaviour of every other employee in the building – it was great to see such confident young adults representing their school.

A fantastic tour
The day [...]


Selected from the winning teams of their in-school Challenge Day, the pupils from Queens Park Primary School ranged from Year 3 to Year 6. Mixed up into four competing teams, they were set the challenge that would separate out the ultimate winning team.

Hot off the mark with their enthusiastic actions and sound effects to [...]


In 2012 the world was predicted to end. Thankfully it didn’t, however, the fear that was struck into the heart of the world’s population left a mark on humanity. A mark that has left mankind with only one option, to prepare for the worst, to prepare for the end of the world.

A new home for [...]

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