From chip shops to accountancy: not everyone follows the same path.

It was a great pleasure to welcome Sixth Formers from Heartlands Academy to the PwC offices in Birmingham City Centre. The group have been following our Advanced Programme during their tutor time on Wednesdays and have been chosen for the entrepreneurial flair and commitment they [...]


Exciting 170 teenagers about a day of maths: a mission impossible?

On Wednesday we travelled to Leamington Spa near Birmingham, to enlighten Year 10 students about the power of maths and enterprise, and its ability to bring people together. Exciting teenagers about maths is always an ambitious task, but the power enterprise education knows no [...]


The customer is always right.

Understanding your target audience is a big focus of business and enterprise education. On Friday, children from St Joseph’s Junior, Brunswick Park and Edgware Junior came together at Oliver Wyman in London to complete a series of team activities that increased their understanding of marketing a company for a particular [...]


Year 12: empowered through enterprise education.

On Thursday, year 12 at Corelli College in Greenwich spent their Personal Development drop-down day working on project ideas for social enterprises to transform their school and local community. By using a project learning approach, the teams of students planned and presented their ideas. What the students came up with [...]


Enterprise education requires decision making

Decision making is an integral part of daily life. From what you’re going to wear in the morning to what you’re going to watch on the TV during the post-dinner doze, they are inescapable. Many of us also face decision making at work as well. But what decisions [...]


Artistic skills and enterprise education aren’t always thought of as a classic pair. Tell that to Downsell Year 6.

This week a group of 20 Year 6 students from Downsell Primary took on the challenge of creating a new Moon Base society, brining art and creativity to the forefront of their enterprise education at Argent’s [...]


Mix together a handful of chocolate, a dollop of enterprise and a sprinkling of numeracy…and what do you get? A business empire to rival Willy Wonka’s.

Students from Manchester Health Academy gathered together from Yr 9 to Yr 11 to take on the Chocolate Challenge Day. The teams had one day to launch a new chocolate [...]


We all know that we learn best by doing rather than watching or listening, but spending the day with the Year 6s at Wychall Primary School really pushed the boundaries of interactive learning.

Interactive Learning
As a celebration of the skills they have acquired throughout their career at school so far, the children at Wychall will be [...]


Construction Counts
As we approach Christmas, it seems like a good opportunity to look back over the last term during which Construction Counts was launched, a new project developed for primary schools this year with the support of Argent, which combines a whole host of enterprise skills and maths.

Two lucky schools in Camden and Islington took [...]


Mixing Maths and Enterprise
How do you link communication and maths? Chocolate of course!
Year 9 and 10 students from ARK Kings Academy in Birmingham took on the maths focused Chocolate Challenge today. Working against the clock in mixed teams to launch the latest chocolate brand, it was a chance for students to show off their [...]

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