On Friday, 10 January, the whole of Key Stage 2 at Canon Barnett Primary in Tower Hamlets showed off their Challenge Skills when they took part in the Social Entrepreneur Day.

The day started with an assembly, during which the children learnt about the concept of a social enterprise. They impressed the Enabling Enterprise staff with [...]


Pupils in Year 5 started the new term with a bang by taking part in the Moonbase Challenge Day on Wednesday 8th January.

Top Teamwork
“Working in teams is really fun because you get the job done!” exclaimed Jordan from the Gravity Explorers team. Many wonderful things were certainly accomplished during the exciting challenge day [...]


On Friday, 13th November, fifteen year 11 students from Tabor Academy in Braintree, Essex, arrived at the AIMIA office just off the Strand in London. The focus for the day was using their English language skills in a real-life context whilst planning their version of a unique snack shop idea.

Meeting The Volunteers
Working in three [...]


“It was challenging to ask strangers questions, but I still did it.” (Pupil, Turnham Primary)

Walking past the Royal Courts of Justice to the grand old offices of RBS in London, pupils from Oasis Academy Shirley Park and Turnham Primary were arriving for an engaging day of challenges. Many businesses struggle to succeed due to conflicts [...]

Creative Kenmont at Crossrail

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‘I always wanted to be a vet but now I definitely want to be an engineer’ (Barbara, Team Self, Kenmont Primary)

On 11th December students from Kenmont Primary travelled to the Headquarters of Crossrail in Canary Wharf to expand their enterprise skills. As they walked past the hardworking professionals in their offices they felt inspired. They [...]


‘I am really impressed by how well you are all working today’ (Teacher, West Twyford)

On 11th December Year 5 and 6 students from West Twyford Primary travelled to the Royal Bank of Scotland at Number 1 Fleet Street to develop their enterprise skills. They were joined by professionals from RBS who had decades of experience [...]


Students from Forestdale and Audley primary Schools came together at The University of Birmingham to put their enterprise skills to the test. Each school selected students from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and EE ensured each team had a mix of students from both schools so that no one was in a team of [...]


Volunteers from IBM, Southbank, were seriously impressed with the Year 6s from St Mary’s Catholic Primary in Isleworth as their creativity and teamwork was superb. The volunteers looked on in wonder as the 10 and 11 year olds showed initiative beyond their years as each team member took turns being the leader to delegate tasks [...]


‘I wish people presented this well at interviews for UBS’ (Alex, Volunteer from UBS)

On 11th December students from Kenmont, Weston Park and Chisenhale Primary travelled to the Head Office of the International Investment Bank, UBS to expand their enterprise skills. They were joined by six professionals from the company who would be working closely with [...]


On the seventh floor of GE Capital’s Ark building Hammersmith, pupils from Paddington Academy teamed together to design the very best snack stop for the employees at the building. They were joined by volunteers from GE Capital, coming from a range of departments to bring a cross-section of the workers from the building to the [...]

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