You walk out to face the CEO of the second largest airline in the UK, nothing but your wits and a little entrepreneurship between you and dismissal. Your task, to convince him that your marketing strategy is the best. You are not in this alone however; you have a crack team around you as you [...]


Year 7 students were the first group of students ever to go on a trip to Linklaters with Enabling Enterprise. As the students walked down the corridor they assumed the professional behaviour of every other employee in the building – it was great to see such confident young adults representing their school.

A fantastic tour
The day [...]


Selected from the winning teams of their in-school Challenge Day, the pupils from Queens Park Primary School ranged from Year 3 to Year 6. Mixed up into four competing teams, they were set the challenge that would separate out the ultimate winning team.

Hot off the mark with their enthusiastic actions and sound effects to [...]


In 2012 the world was predicted to end. Thankfully it didn’t, however, the fear that was struck into the heart of the world’s population left a mark on humanity. A mark that has left mankind with only one option, to prepare for the worst, to prepare for the end of the world.

A new home for [...]


After all their hard work during SATS week, Year 6 pupils took a well-deserved day off to take part in the Politics in a Day Challenge Day on 9th July 2014. What better way to keep focussed after all that hard work than learning all about politics and forming their own party manifestos to build [...]


Canon Barnett Primary school are going to take you to the moon… but not back again.

Creating a new society
Don’t worry though, Years 1 through to 5 spent an entire day on 8th July designing the perfect moon base for civilisation to move in to. They selected a founding crew, created a new animal and crafted [...]


‘There’s no I in Team, otherwise we’d get nothing done’

On Tuesday the 8th of July, JP Morgan Chase hosted their first ever Enabling Enterprise school trip to the offices in the amazing surroundings of Canary Wharf. It was sure to be an exciting day for the pupils of Chisenhale primary school.

Upon arrival the buzzing pupils [...]


‘I thoroughly enjoyed today, I thought it was really well paced and inclusive of all children, it was great seeing the children actually engaged in enterprise as opposed to just learning about it’ (Teacher, Petts Hill)

‘I really enjoyed the tour; I got to learn what a business was really about’. (Student, Petts Hill)

A fun business [...]


As The South Leeds Academy students took their seats on Monday 7th July in a meeting room at PwC Leeds their pride in being amongst the winning ten students was very clear. Their professionalism and maturity was evident from the outset as they introduced themselves to their PwC colleagues for the day, Amy and Omar [...]


Forestdale Primary Year 5 and Year 6 students began their business challenge day with meeting the Brewin Dolphin professionals. Ian Burrows, Investment Manager also gave an introduction to what the wealth management company does to help their clients make their money work hard for them.

Brewin Dolphin Professionals use the Enabling Enterprise Challenge Skills
The pupils took [...]

About Enabling Enterprise: … Our Mission Enabling Enterprise is an award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise, set up...



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