What would your 9 year old self have done if granted a VIP pass to the one of world’s largest toy shops for a whole day?

The students of St Mary Magdalene experienced just that on Thursday, as they let their creativity flow during an exciting trip to Hamleys. After a hugely warm welcome from [...]


How do you design the perfect society on the moon?

Well, why don’t we ask the Year 5 students from Northwold Primary School who came together with students from Millfields Primary School for an action packed challenge day at UBS in Liverpool Street.

With decision making being at the forefront of our lives, it is one of [...]


What do Richard Branson, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and Paddington Academy Year 10 have in common?

They all have innovative ideas regarding how to operate an airline of course!
Last week 11 students from Paddington Academy Year 10 got together at management consultant Oliver Wyman to produce the newest ways for United Jetways to spruce up their brand [...]


What is our Value Proposition? Project Planning at PwC.

The Heartlands Academy PwC Young Business Ambassadors had to go through a rigorous recruitment process this year. The visit to PwC set out to give the successful applicants a head start on their exciting challenge – to complete an ambitious enterprise project before sharing their learning with [...]


Jetting off to outer space may not seem like a usual day in the office, but for students at Northwold, it was time to take enterprise to a new horizon.

When we think about enterprise, we often think about finance, and when we think about enterprise education, we often think about calculating profits and balancing the [...]


What happens when one school unites to unite the world?

The world is facing difficult times. Economic recession, international conflict and environmental crisis will continue to be major challenges and the younger generation will need to unite to tackle the storms ahead. At Enabling Enterprise, we believe entrepreneurship can prepare young people for the future, by [...]


David Cameron and his Cabinet had better watch out because Year 5 students at Bonner Primary are turning into political powerhouses.

Today, two year 5 classes at Bonner Primary were set the incredible enterprise challenge of setting up their own political parties before putting themselves forward for a real election. All in one day!

In the [...]


100s of greetings cards, 30 children and 8 teachers from 3 Primary schools; 1 amazing school trip!

Is it too soon to send Christmas cards? One enterprising team thought not!

It was a chilly, grey morning and a bracing determination that brought Southern Road and Woodside Primary schools and Edgware Junior School from across London together. The [...]


How to decide what to do with your future? Not your everyday decision-making task.

For a group of year 12 students at Haggerston Girls’ School the time for them to be making some very important decisions is quickly approaching. University? Apprenticeships? Course choices? All of these things may have a huge impact on the [...]


Creativity features high on the enterprise education agenda at Societe Generale.

Imagine that you were responsible for recreating society. And we’re not talking about a new legal
system or where to draw the boundaries between different regions. This challenge is in a whole
other stratosphere. Well, planet anyway. On this particular challenge day, our fifteen intrepid
explorers – [...]

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