Not everyone speaks English.
With the dwindling number of modern languages students at GCSE and A Level, the government is panicking about the impact this may have on students’ skill sets. The concern is that languages are beginning to be viewed as a subsidiary skill, of less importance than other core subjects. [...]


On 27 – 28 September 2012 the second ‘European Workshop on Enabling Teachers for Entrepreneurship Education – CPD’ took place at the Brdo Estate Conference Centre near Kranj, Slovenia.

Enabling Enterprise was represented among the 90 delegates from 24 EU Member States, Pre-Accession Countries and countries participating in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme [...]

Enabling Enterprise is Three

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Jul2012 11

Tom Ravenscroft, Founder and Managing Director
As I write this, Enabling Enterprise has just celebrated its third birthday.
But the idea that became Enabling Enterprise began on the day I found myself staring down my Year 10 group. There was one of me and 30 of them.
Business is not writing invoices…
I was a business studies teacher, [...]

First Impressions

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Jun2012 11

We asked Henry, who has just started volunteering with us, to give us his thoughts on what made him want to work for a start-up social enterprise in the education sector. Here are his first impressions:

Since I graduated from university back in 2010, I’ve stumbled through a lot of internships and job applications, from [...]


Challenging Time for Young People
The word ‘NEET’ has dominated the newspaper headlines of the past year. As the economy wavers and the job market toughens, a generation of young people have been confronted with a growing gap between education and work, which has prevented many from taking those first steps into the world of work. [...]


It was announced today that Michael Gove has called on the qualifications watchdog to let Russell Group universities set A-level exams, and has instructed exam boards and ministers to ‘take a step back’ from dictating their content. This is amid fears that young people are woefully unprepared when they start higher education. A [...]

Why Learn?

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Mar2012 13

When I was in Year 7 at school, we had to memorise the dates of all English monarchs’ reigns since 1066.  I remember this (not the names) because even at the time as a wide eyed, un-cynical twelve year old child, it seemed arbitrary and pointless.  Nowadays, when I learn something, it’s because I want [...]


The working world may appear a hostile place to many young people. As the job market contracts and toughens, employers have expressed concerns over the prospects of younger applicants, many of whom lack essential skills and experience of the work place. In a recent article, Jane Phelps encouraged young job seekers to embrace a [...]

Young People Shout Out

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Feb2012 21

A recent study by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University has raised the question of whether ‘shouting out’ in class may help students to learn. The CEM study, where 12,000 students were observed in 556 schools across the UK, found that students who blurted out answers were more likely to achieve [...]

What’s going wrong with IT?

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Jan2012 11

An article in today’s Guardian declares that Michael Gove has vowed to scrap ‘boring’ IT lessons, enabling schools to use teaching resources designed with the help of leading employers and academics. Having been approached by a school this summer to rewrite their ‘boring’ and ‘dated’ IT programme, this struck a chord. In developing [...]

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