As Enabling Enterprise expands its team, Anna Chojnicka looks at what it’s like to be an Education Associate in the UK’s third fastest growing social enterprise.
Being part of a start-up is like working with kids: everyday is different, and you never stop learning.
The Organisation
With an alliance of 25 top businesses, Enabling Enterprise brings the world [...]


EE Education Associate John Cronin reflects on how language could explain the gap between the brightest maths students here and in Asian countries and what we can learn from innovative project-based learning from around the world. This article was first written for the Innovation Unit.
Do Asian Countries really Produce better Mathematicians?
The recent finding from [...]


Education Associate Alexi Makris reflects on the journey that brought him to working with Enabling Enterprise, and the role of social enterprise in education.

Could social enterprise and education be soulmates?
In August 2008 I walked out into Paternoster Square under the shadow of St Paul’s leaving behind me just over a year in a good graduate [...]


This video was created by Teach For All Synergies team, who work to highlight examples of best practice and innovation in education across the world (Video by Faolan Jones).

The Background
When we agreed to do the video, we hoped that it would not only help to bring our work to a wider, international audience. We also [...]


Enabling Enterprise Education Associate John Cronin offers his insights into how more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are getting into the top universities, in spite of a widening wealth gap. This articles was first written for The Brilliant Club.
There is a 10% rise in the proportion of disadvantaged students going to the best universities [...]


As the Government announces plans for the second phase of HS2, our Birmingham Education Associate Mike Zatyka reflects on the opportunities ahead.

Being Enabling Enterprise’s man in Birmingham makes the West Coast Mainline a regular feature of my working week. Ever since childhood I’ve enjoyed travelling on trains, initially for their speed and the excitement of [...]


Enabling Enterprise was nominated by a winning team at Societe Generale for a prize of 4,000 Euros. Our Founder, Tom Ravenscroft was invited to share his thanks in a short speech in Paris:
Thank you for this generous award, and for inviting me along to this evening.
I started our organisation, Enabling Enterprise, four years ago. At [...]


Alice Faulkner is a Senior Education Associate at Enabling Enterprise. Prior to that, she was a maths teacher at a secondary school in South London. Here, she offers her insights into how we can measure so-called ‘soft skills’.
Recently, it has become clear that huge emphasis is placed on the need for students to [...]


Lisa, who has been volunteering at Enabling Enterprise since November, offers her insights into how the enterprise skills we develop at school are crucial in the world of work, coming from the private sector.
Following seven years of working in the City, I elected to take a career break as I wanted to take time out, [...]

New Year’s Resolutions

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Jan2013 08

As we leave 2012 behind us, Enabling Enterprise Project Manager Anna Chojnicka looks to the year ahead and ponders New Year’s resolutions.
And so it happens again. You wake up on January the 1st, leap out of bed and grab a pen and paper. Full of optimism for the year ahead, you begin to [...]

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