As the end of the year fast approaches, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite moments from the many business trips that we’ve run this year. From getting to watch planes take off from their classroom for the day in Birmingham, to taking Citizenship lessons to new heights with a trip to the Home Office, students across the country have been getting stuck in to enterprise projects like never before. Here are a few of our highlights from 2014.

Thumbs up for the first trip to Morgan Motors

Twenty students from Ark Tindal Primary in Birmingham got the chance to visit to the famous car manufacturers, Morgan Motor in Birmingham this Autumn term. After being introduced to what the factory does by manager Robert Dance they were taken on a backstage tour! ‘Wow – they are all hand made’ said Eliza. What an exciting day and an insight into the world of manufacturing. ‘I could work here when I’m older, I could be a car designer’ said Mauz, showing just what an inspiring day it was. Take a look at the full story here.

A backstage tour of the BT studios

It’s not everyday you get a backstage tour of the BT TV studios. Well, for Key Stage 2 from The Smallberry Green, this became a reality. Touring the office, interviewing production staff and working alongside engineers throughout the day, it was a day of learning and new experiences. As one student said, ‘I have learnt that if things go wrong, you should keep going and stay positive’. Read on for more photos and stories.

Primary and secondary students team up to discover what its like at City University

Six volunteers from the Economics, International Politics and Business and Finance departments shared what it’s really like to study at City University to three schools in London. On this day, students from St Pauls and All Hallows, St Francis De Sales and St Mary’s and St Johns worked collaboratively to explore the world of higher education. They got the chance to take a tour of the different departments and even take a peak into a lecture hall. Oh and these lucky students also got to try out what studying broadcast journalism is like, by reading out the news in front of a green screen. We caught them on camera!

Bringing Citizenship lessons to life at the Home Office

How did Paddington Academy bring their Citizenship lessons to life? Well, they took their Year 10 class to the Home Office. After passing through security, they made their way up to the 15th floor where they were greeted by civil servants who supported them throughout the day. They worked with volunteers from the border agency, deportations and coding departments to discover what working in the public sector was like.

“The Home Office offers many different jobs and opportunities I would definitely consider working here” said one student

Entering the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham

Want to run your own museum? Well, you should ask Whitemore Primary who proved themselves as excellent creative directors, redesigning the prison exhibition at the Galleries of Justice. After a day of researching, planning and designing the students pitched their innovative ideas to the employees who were their judges.

It was the Extreme Exhibitions that won due to their exceptional team work, creative ideas and real understanding of what makes a museum a great place to visit. Stuart, Museum Education Manager said “These children are so full of ideas and have articulated them superbly.” Click here for the full story.

RSA host a Children in Need extravanganza in the walkie talkie building

A school trip to one of the most iconic buildings in the London was on the cards for Year 5 students from St John and St James. With a panoramic view of London from their classroom for the day, the students were inspired to do their absolute best in the challenge ahead. As it was Children in Need, they would be planning an fundraising event that the employees at RSA could host to raise as much money for the worth cause. Putting their teamwork and problem solving to the test, they came up with some excellent events. Have a read of their creative ideas.

This is just a taste of the enterprise trips that schools have been involved in this year. We’re excited that schools are taking enterprise to the next level and engaging with businesses to get a real flavour of what the world of work is really like. If you’d like to get involved, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss the options best suited for your school.

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