Students from The Smallberry Green spent a very exciting day at BT on Wednesday. Their team challenge was to build a bridge out of newspapers which was as tall as a chair, strong enough to hold a mobile phone and had a very distinctive theme. Throughout the day, the teams were ably assisted by three BT employees who also spoke to students about their jobs at BT and all the different roles within the company. In the morning, the students were lucky enough to visit BT’s TV studio where they saw lots of cameras, the autocue and some students even became TV presenters!

Each team built a very distinctive and different bridge. The “BT Buildineers” built a bridge with a sea life theme and it had a swivel top so that vehicles and people could both cross. “Crossing Infinity” thought really carefully about the area they had been told the bridge was being built and so built a bridge with a nature theme “because the Isle of Sheppey is very green.” “Brilliant Broadband” had a BT theme to match where they were spending the day and their bridge had coloured wires that lit up to represent the telephone and internet lines that BT work with. “The BT builders” created an action-packed bridge with a bowling alley and a dome for people to climb. “BT Best Technology” didn’t want to create “an old boring bridge” so instead they built a bridge that had shops and a restaurant so that the bridge itself was a tourist destination and not just a place to cross.

All the teams worked extremely hard to build their bridges and give great presentations without any notes! Sadly, there could only be one winner and after much deliberation the judges chose “The BT Builders” because of how well structured their bridge was and how professional their presentation was.

A huge thank you must go to the BT employees for helping the students out and giving them an insight into what it is like to work at BT. A great day was had by all and a lot was learned as can be seen by people’s reflections below.

“I have learnt that if things go wrong, you should keep going and stay positive.” (Student)

“You can see what the students gain from the day, they are picking up all the skills they need in the world of work.” (BT employee)

A big thank you to BT who are supporting students to develop enterprise skills for the future. If you want to find out more, contact us.

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