When we saw that Sir Francis Drake Primary tweeted: Are you ready for our Enabling Enterprise “Moonbase” Challenge Day. What will your Space related costume be? Don’t forget junk boxes. We knew that the children would be prepared for this exciting enterprise challenge!

We were not disappointed, on Friday 24th October we were met with a hall full of enthusiastic young enterprisers ready for their challenge, complete with astronauts, representatives from NASA and some wonderfully creative aliens the day started with a buzz of excitement.

From Reception up to Year 6 all children were set the task of working in teams to set up a new society on a distant moon, if the world were to end, where would we go? The children needed to use and apply a special set of enterprise skills to come up with a new idea and persuade the class that their moon base would be the best.

A challenge of universal size, the children had to ensure they worked in teams, aimed high and used their imagination. With a crew to choose, an animal to design and a city to map, the children took off on their challenge with great excitement and aspirations.

Reception children were involved throughout the day with activities like building rockets, working in pairs to solve space themed number bonds and explore a space station with models and materials.

When designing their new species of animal, Y1 children felt that the animal needed to provide protection to the people living on their moon base, various animals were conjured up including a dog head and leopard body from ‘Team Aliens’ and ‘Team Planet Earth’ created a species which had a giraffe neck to look out for danger ahead. The class showed super imagination and problem solving skills. Children from Y3 ‘Shooting Stars’ loved designing their animal as “we could do what we wanted and use our imagination”, a very important skill for these young enterprise students.

Year 2 thought carefully about their crew and who they wanted to join them, would it be the chef, surgeon or the teacher? Team Galaxy very sensibly linked their buildings to the crew they had brought with them “we have one which helps us learn, one which helps put fires out and one which helps up get well if we are ill”.

We were so impressed with the skills developed across the school, Y4 gave some fantastic feedback on the day such as “When we work together, we can achieve lots”, “Ella showed great leadership” and “people are cooperating well in the group”, the children worked so well in their teams to delegate and get the job done, realising that as a team they could reach their aspirations together. Leadership skills were being demonstrated in Y5, for some their very first go at being in charge. The children explained how they made the most of their leader “ when we were disagreeing, we used our leader to make the final decision, then we agreed”, it’s a tough job being the leader, so many children were keen to step up to this role to support their teams achieve their ideas and aspirations for their moon base

It was excellent to see the progression across the school in the skills developed and ideas created. Y6 really shone at the top of the school, applying what they had recently learnt at their Enabling Enterprise business trip to AXA, when preparing for their presentations, they included a memorable moment, persuasive language and of course their confident style, Y6 did not disappoint, not only were their cityscapes some of the best we have seen, but their final pitches were fantastic. The ‘UFO Masters’ aspired for a fair and equal society, with a musical twist their confidence and passion was evident.

Although a very tough decision, the winners in Year 6 were the ‘Galaxy of Stars’, they demonstrated super teamwork throughout the day, giving excellent explanations for their crew and why their moon base would be the safest to live on.
It really was, as they put it “mind blowing!”

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