What makes a great toy? Who better to answer this question than the people that use toys – children! A group of Year 5 and 6 children from Stamford Hill School had the chance to visit Hamleys and investigate what makes toys big business.
In teams the students searched around the store looking for what toys would best suit different age groups, and explaining to the whole group what was so unique and special about the toys they chose. Using this inspiration the teams set to designing their own toy that would be a run-away success in the run up to Christmas.

Great ideas

One team designed ‘Winter Wheels’, a snow globe with rubber wheels and a remote control that could flip and turn and even go up walls! This team impressed the judges from Hamleys at the end of the day with their catchy slogan; ‘The Christmas Ball that climbs the Wall’.

Another team designed ‘Maths Madness’, an educational board-game which included a tablet in the middle that would ask different maths questions that children playing would have to get right in order to collect ‘brains’ and move forward. Handily, parents could set the level of difficulty of the questions, meaning the fun learning could continue for years and years! Judges were impressed by the team’s business pitch at the end of the day and their confident pricing of their game at £79.99.

Excellent achievements

Students were proud of their achievements throughout the day, one student explaining ‘I’m proud of how we worked in a team – we took turns and made sure no-one was left out’. Another student explained how they were proud of using their imagination, ‘we took ideas from what we saw in the shop and put them together with our own ideas, making something new and different’. All students left wanting to be toy designers and work at Hamleys, as did I!

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with Hamelys toy store to help develop students enterprise skills. If you want to find out more, contact us.

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