“We are creating a fundraising event for Children in Need.” (Student, Year 5)

When Year 5 students from St John and St James primary school were asked to plan a fundraising event for Children in Need, they turned to the brilliant people at RSA to help come up with the perfect day. Before they started the students explained why it was so important to hold the fundraising event.

“It is important to help charities because some children don’t have houses or anything.” (Student, Year 5)

They started off developing a range of possible ideas, all designed to appeal to the staff of RSA who were keen to be involved. The students interviewed a range of RSA employees to get a sense of the varying tastes and understand better the work that they do at RSA. They then finalised their ideas into a cohesive plan.

“You really thought about us here at RSA” (Volunteer, RSA)

With the basic plan decided, the students dug into the details. They first looked into the budget, deciding how they would spend their money to make the event something truly special, keeping in mind the Children in Need theme. They decided how much of their ticket price would be donated and then looked for other ways to save money, one student decided to ask their dad to come and DJ (for free) so they could use that part of the budget elsewhere!

“We solved the budget by working together” (Student, Year 5)

Then the students turned to advertising the event, creating a poster that would sit at the heart of an advertising campaign. They also thought of all the different ways they would get the message out, everything from emails, to flyers, to phone calls.

“We shared ideas and chose a suitable one for our poster.” (Student, Year 5)

Finally they presented their ideas to a panel of judges from RSA who looked at the originality of the ideas, how well designed the advertising material was and how much the event was tailored to the employees of RSA.

“You worked well as a team and had really good energy in your presentation.” (Peter, RSA)

RSA are supporting students to develop enterprise skills and give them experiences of the workplace. If you’d like to get involved, contact us.

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