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Lady Margaret Primary Enterprise Challenge

Lady Margaret Primary have been building essential life skills for students in every year group in their school. They’ve been embedding enterprise into their school curriculum and encouraging to aim high to achieve success.

Their latest enterprising challenge day supported students to develop leadership skills and gave them the opportunity to use lots of imagination to create a new society on a distant planet. In teams, the students took on multiple missions, building a strong crew, creating a brand new animal species and taking on the role of architects to design buildings for their utopian society.

Whilst developing these life skills, students gained an understanding of the importance of different roles in society, such as a police officer, a doctor and a builder, and a few that were perhaps less familiar, such as an accountant and a politician.

In this video, students shared their thoughts on their mission, what they enjoyed and what their learned. With the teachers saying, ‘They really enjoyed the fact that it was a competition, it made them work harder than usual’ we knew this day was a great success.

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