“Really enjoyed all the team tasks and working with lots of different people” said a Year 3 student from Petts Hill Primary.

It was a pleasure to welcome a range of students from Years 3 to 6 from Petts Hill Primary School in North West London to the offices of General Electric (GE). GE is a leading builder of appliances and power systems and other products that help millions of people around the world. Students had already demonstrated their entrepreneurial talents back at school with their enterprise project and now it was time to bring their learning to life with an exciting business trip.

What’s the task

Students were set the task of becoming events planning companies and they would be competing to plan the best awards ceremony for GE employees. Luckily, volunteers from GE were on hand throughout the day to work with teams, offering guidance and insider information that any good planner would need.

 The teams shared ideas and came up with an original team name for their events companies. The ‘GE Party Planners, ’Fantastic employees’ and ‘The Master Planners’ were just a few of the innovative names.

After students gathered their research, they were eager to create a theme for their awards ceremony to entice people to their event. Many groups came up with original ideas including a Halloween theme with a masquerade ball – GE Party Planners and “Black Tie event with a red carpet and pass-the-parcel” – Fantastic employees. The Master Planners demonstrated a real use of imagination to come up with a beach themed swimming pool party, which included fun activities such as a big slide.

Students were then faced with a tight budget to plan their awards event. “I enjoyed using my problem solving skills to solve our budget crisis when the amount we had to spend went down” –Year 5 Student Petts Hill Primary

Planning the presentations

With the important decisions made, it was time to plan the presentations. 
After making final touches to their presentations, teams started to rehearse, focusing on using persuasive language. It was great to see the students’ confidence improve with each rehearsal.

The students’ final challenge was to pitch their ideas in a Dragons Den style to four GE employees. GE Party Planners went first and showed they really understood why they were holding their event “It is important to reward employees because they work hard and to make them feel warm inside”

Electric Party’s pitch demonstrated that they had their client’s interests at heart as they came up with a James Bond theme and stated, “the employees work really hard and deserve to have the best”.

Excellent work Petts Hill

After all the presentations, the GE employees gave constructive feedback to each group, giving credit to the hard work the students had put into their pitches. “it was great to see how they deal with conflict and are able to negotiate and suggest solutions that are accepted by all team members” – GE employee.

We would like to thank all the GE employees who gave their time, support and encouragement to the Petts Hill Primary students during their problem solving challenge. We would also like to thank all the students and staff who participated in the day.

One GE employee summed up the day perfectly – “It was great to see the students grow in confidence throughout the day and to see them have high aspirations for their future. I wish I did stuff like this when I was at school”

If you’d like to find out more about how to embed enterprise in your curriculum, contact us.

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