Whitehall Junior School are serious about their future and are determined to aim high. This was proven by their day spent at the London Business School (LBS) on 21st October when they had a day of enterprise learning. With Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 coming along on this trip, the students knew that they’d had to use excellent teamwork skills and the older students would have to show great leadership.

Event planning

Their task was to take on the role of event planners to come up with an exciting awards celebration event for the students and employees of LBS. This task reminded students of their ‘effort and excellence’ awards two people received at the end of each school year, as Jessica helpfully told the volunteers from LBS and our staff from Enabling Enterprise. Realising the importance of rewarding people and encouraging them to aim high, they took to this task with great enthusiasm.

Students from LBS pursue their dreams

Joining the students in their task were volunteers from the university. Eva had always dreamed of setting her own business and moved from Taiwan to pursue this dream. Rob had previously worked at a law firm, but gave up his job to follow his interest in business studies. And Charles, from Whitehall Junior aptly put it, ‘people who come to LBS have big dreams’. It seems they certainly do, and with this in mind, they were ready to support the students in their work today developing the skills they needed to work towards their own future aspirations.

Planning events

The planning of the awards event was a challenge, but Whitehall Junior had the right attitude. Inspired by the diverse population studying at the university, many students incorporated this into their theme. ‘Mystery Party Planner Inc.’ Team used a ‘country theme’ for their ceremony that ‘brought the world under one roof’. Similarly, ‘Making Memories’ team had a multicultural theme and Ana, an MBA student from Spain said ‘you thought about this theme so cleverly when you said, ‘are you missing home?’ because yes we are, great thinking!’

Pitching to the judges

With the budgets fixed and the theme, food and entertainment organised, the teams were ready to present their ideas to eagerly awaiting judges. One by one they came to the stage, ‘A Star Events’ team made great eye contact with the class, making sure to engage the audience with their and share their ideas, ‘We are going to turn your frown upside down’ said Ahmet!

The Party Machines showed their extensive vocabulary by advertising their ‘exotic fruits and extremely fancy cake’ and as Michael, an LBS student from Venezuela highlighted, their team were highly professional. The ‘AMHAK celebrations also showed great presentation skills, structuring their presentation well and clearly explaining how their Italian theme ran throughout the event, with an Italian cuisine of pizza and pasta as well as a model of the famous Italian landmark, the leaning tower of Pisa. ‘Everyone likes Italian food and so we thought it would be a great theme to go with’ said one student. Well, that’s very true as all the judges thought.

Announcing the winners

So, with all the presentations completed, it was time to announce the winners. It was a tricky decision, but the winners were… London Prize. They wowed the judges with their confidence and excellent delivery. The rainbow theme would make the awards event colourful and something to celebrate. ‘Yum, and don’t forget the rainbow popcorn’ said Farhan. The final sentence was powerful and punchy and showed them to be a winning team in name and in nature, ‘This is a party nobody will forget. London Prize rocks!’

Thanks to the volunteers from London Business School who inspired the students to reach for their dreams and build essential life skills. If you’d like to find out more, contact us.

The final word goes to the teacher, ‘you represented yourselves as entrepreneurs and you should all be so proud of yourselves. So, who has been inspired by today?’ she asked, and thirty hands shot in the air!

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