Students from every year at William Tyndale took on the exciting challenge of creating their own card companies, competing to make as much profit as possible. The day was filled with fun and excitement as well as an opportunity to develop key teamworking, problem solving and presenting skills, essential for success in the future. Let’s see how they got on…

Designers and Creators

The first task that each team took on was to consider the different types of cards they could design, how many occasions could they think of that there was a card for? From Christmas and Birthdays to Get Well Soon and Congratulations, they had many to choose from. Many teams realised that one event was coming up this term and so they designed a card for that… Halloween!

After thinking of the occasion, the teams had to think about the style of card that they might make. With ideas as varied as pop-up 3D cards, miniature glittery cards and colourful cards creativity was in no short supply. ‘I used my imagination when I designed my card and what I could make my card special’ said one student from Year 4 Orca class.

Efficient production lines

After designing excellent cards all morning, the students were ready to turn this into a profitable business. They worked out their budgets and bought as many material as they could. Many students realised that if they made profits on their cards they could buy more resources and make even greater profits. With this in mind, they had lots to be getting on with.

With materials bought, the teams got on with making their cards. ‘My favourite part is making the cards. I’m going to be a card maker when I’m older.’ Said on student in Oyster Class. They practiced great teamwork skills and ran great production lines. ‘We share ideas, work as a team and don’t argue. This meant we enjoyed the day’ said one student from ‘Scissor Strips’ in Year 2.

Presenting to perfection

The time was up, the cards were made and sold and the profits were calculated. One student from the Experts’ said ‘Our team is proud of not saying ‘ha ha’ even though we got the most profit’. They showed excellent teamwork and a competitive edge, great for the world of business.

Presenting their work was the final thing they needed to complete, advertising their work was essential to business success. Teams in each class showcased their work and explained what skills they had been working on all day.
One student from Year 2 explained his excellent problem solving skills during the making process, ‘I accidentally ripped a bit of my card but I solved the problem and made something new out of it’. Another student from the Halloween team said that ‘I was following the leader well today. You need a team leader to explain what to do. I think a good leader needs to share ideas and help people to be happy if they get upset’.

A great success

With each presentation completed and the winners announced in each class, the students and teachers deemed the day a great success. It was great to hear that many people had thoroughly enjoyed the day and one student say ‘I’d like to have my own business when I’m older and I can make lots of money. We need to aim high, just like real business people’. Well with the skills shown in todays Challenge Day we may see some future entrepreneurs from William Tyndale, so watch out!

If you’d like to find out more about Enabling Enterprise Challenge Days or other ways that we are supporting students to develop skills for the future, contact us.

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