Year 6 at Sherwood Primary embarked on their first ever Enabling Enterprise project by undertaking the challenge of creating and running a business in just one day.

The Challenge ahead

After meeting their teams, the students’ first important challenge was to explore the world of souvenirs and generate ideas for two or three products that they would take into production. Most teams based the theme of their souvenirs on their school and the local community. Pot of Gold had an Irish leprechaun theme. Teams then worked as designers to create a catalogue of eye-catching products, including badges, pencil cases and bookmarks. Team Platinum set themselves the ambitious challenge of creating a fully functional handbag!

Numeracy and Enterprise

The next task required the teams to apply their numeracy and problem solving skills to create a shopping list of resources to make their first batch of souvenirs. They had ensure they didn’t overspend on their 60 EE dollar budget. Some teams made the clever decision to keep a few dollars back in case they had forgotten something and needed an extra trip to the shop during the first stage.

After some successful bargaining at the EE shop, which included one team securing A5 paper for half the price of the standard A4 sheet, teams were ready to get to work on their souvenir production line. During a frantic 45 minutes, children worked together in their teams to create the souvenirs from their catalogues.

Selling their products

Once made, they had to barter with the shopkeeper to agree on a sale price. Sellers in each team had to pitch each item carefully to ensure a good sale price. Team Platinum sent their seller to model their handbag, as though on a catwalk, to really show it off and secure a good sale. The seller from Pot of Gold used great persuasive language saying,
‘This is the limited edition Sherwood Primary iPhone case. You can’t buy this anywhere else!’

With the money they made, teams reinvested the money by buying more resources to create further batches of souvenirs to sell. At the end, the teams applied their numeracy skills to calculate their profits. The winning team made a whopping 175 EE dollars!

Advertising superstars

But the hard work wasn’t over yet. Teams then had to take on the role of advertisers and create television adverts to promote their companies and ranges of souvenirs. After some careful scripting, applying their literacy skills, teams rehearsed adverts and got some expert feedback to help them improve.

At the end of the day, teams performed their creative adverts and voted for their presentation winners. The overall winners in each class were Pot of Gold and Souvenir Stars.

Pot of Gold enticed customers to buy their humorous school badges with slogans such as ‘I Survived Sherwood’ and ‘Property of Sherwood’. They showed excellent team work throughout, embracing their roles, especially the Director of Finance who ensured there was plenty of haggling in the EE shop.

Souvenir Stars showed excellent skills such as Listening Carefully, Working in a Team and Sharing Ideas. Their advert was well structured and performed with enthusiasm.

Throughout the day, teachers noticed how confidently children used technical terms such as ‘profit’, ‘budget’ and ‘deadline’. Children also developed knowledge about the processes involved in setting up and running a creative company. They said it was ‘a great opportunity to be creative’ and enjoyed working with children from the other Year 6 class. One child said, ‘I liked having a job role, it gave me a feeling of what it might be like in real life when I’m older.’

Extending the work

Children are hoping to take this project even further by setting up a souvenir stall at the next school fair, where they will create new products to sell to new customers for real money. We are looking forward to hearing how they get on with their enterprising events in the year ahead. Congratulations to everyone in Year 6 at Sherwood Primary.

What an enterprising day! If you’d like to find out more about how you can embed enterprise into your schools, contact us.

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