Learning the skills to succeed is an important part of any pupil’s education. Year 9 pupils from Friern Barnet Secondary School had the opportunity to put theirs to the test on an exciting Moonbase Challenge Day on Monday 29th September.

Pupils were set the task of competing in teams to design a new base for humankind once our planet is unable to support life. As well as providing the opportunity to strengthen teamwork, creativity and problem solving skills, it was a great way to find out about a range of different careers such as managers, designers, building and architects.

“I really enjoyed today, I never knew there were so many different careers” (Form 9F pupil)

Head of year, Claudine Bernard who helped organise the day reflected “it’s been a really productive day, full of opportunities to develop a range of skills and put them into practice”

It was particularly impressive how well the students took to the task and grasped the importance of developing these special set of skills as a way to improve their chances in the future.

“I think enterprise is important because I’d like to start a business when I’m older. Today has given us the chance to work as a team and be cooperative and think outside the box which you need to be able to do in business” (Elesha, class 9E)

The teachers also got a lot from taking part in the day. One reflected “It’s so interesting to see the different groups working in different ways. I’ve observed a group of boys that usually struggle to stay focussed really getting into it and working as a team.”

Another commented “It’s fascinating to see the students working so well together and be respectful of each other.”

The teams had to negotiate who would be the best crew to lead the mission to this new world based on the skills each different profession would bring by analysing the pros and cons of each and agreeing on their final 4. In a similar activity the teams had to agree on how to spend a tight budget on building, using a list of potential problems to help them decide.

“We want to make a world as good but as simple as possible. We will include a hospital that is top of its class, the banks will have safe underground vaults where money will be kept safe guaranteed. Schools will be built near to homes so pupils won’t be late and there will be a rollercoaster to keep everyone entertained” (Universal Enterprise Team, Form 9B)

At the end of the day, each team had the opportunity to write, rehearse and present their persuasive pitches to the rest of the classmates who then got to vote on who they believed had the best ideas, another important skill to develop for these young mind who will be the workforce of tomorrow.

If you want to get your school involved and bring the world of work into your classroom, Contact Us.

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