For Longlands Primary, Tuesday 22nd September was no regular day. Every student from Year 1 through to Year 6 took part in a challenge day that would take them out of the classroom and onto a distant planet. Their first experience of enterprise education had them working in teams to save humanity from imminent danger and create a brand new society on the moon.

The enterprising challenge

Firstly, they recruited a winning team of pilots, surgeons, builders and teachers to take with them on the rocket ship. Then, by using their imagination they created an animal species that would ward of predators and befriend the new inhabitants. Planning and creating their new city was the next step and students built police stations, stadiums and fire stations to provide the essentials for their city. They used excellent problem solving along the way, dealing with toxic sludge, an alien invasion and a volcano that was near eruption!

Showcasing their creations

Following the construction of their trip they were eager to create an advert for their new societies. They used excellent persuasive techniques to entice people to come and live on their planet. An exciting day for the students and staff at Longlands Primary and a great way to develop essential life skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, creativity and presenting. One Year 5 teacher commented, ‘It was fantastic, creative and dun and we would definitely do it again’, and a Year 6 teacher said ‘There are sides of their personalities coming out that I’ve never seen before’

Over to the students

We are excited to see the enterprise work that Longlands Primary will be getting involved with this year. Now, it’s over to the children to share their work and their thoughts on the day:

Archie from Team Blast Off explained the different parts of his teams’ shining and shimmering animal. ‘It has a golden tail to attract other animals, but then massive spikes for when it comes. We also put an acorn on one of the spikes so that it can catch squirrels. It also has an elephant’s trunk so it can always reach water’

Aimee from team Space Explorers in year 4 created an amazing new animal that combined a robot, a young girl and a scary predator. ‘You push the bow and it transforms. It turns invisible and then the tail pops out and the arms turn into wings and the heels turn into claws’. Their teacher commented, ‘They have been so creative and really engaged their imaginative minds’

This team in Year 6 were making nets to create buildings for their cities. They were creating a religious building that was open to all faiths. This team were concerned that if people moved from planet earth then they might miss their family and community. Having a space that was open to everyone would help to solve this problem.

This team showcased their city by giving an exceptional presentation to the whole class. They used exciting adjectives to advertise their city and practiced making eye contact and using and using a positive tone of voice.

Thank you to the students and teachers at Longlands Primary who made this enterprising day a great success. As one teacher said ‘it was fun, engaging and inspirational’ for the students and we agree. If you would like to find out about our programmes, take a look on our website or Contact Us.

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