Thirty lucky Year 3 students from Downsell Primary School spent the day at the stylish offices of Aimia, a company which excels in launching and running loyalty schemes for some of the most visible global brands such as Sainsbury’s, Toyota and Microsoft. With the help of six enthusiastic Aimia employees the Year 3 students were set the challenge of planning the best celebration event for everyone that works for Aimia. All day the students had to use their problem solving and teamwork skills in order to prepare for the final pitch when the Aimia volunteers would judge which team had planned the perfect party!

“I was impressed by how hard they worked and helped each other with the different tasks.” (volunteer, Aimia)

What’s it like to work at Aimia?

Once teams had chosen catchy team names, such as “Disco Dave Dragon Fire”, they were set their first problem: how much did they already know about Aimia? Each team set to work on the quiz all about Aimia and with the six volunteers all eager to explain their jobs, support the students and share their expertise, every team scored top marks! The students were then lucky enough to be taken on a tour of the office where they saw pictures of past celebration events, exciting work spaces where they could host their awards event and a huge array of trophies which helped them think about prizes for hard-working employees.

Let’s get party-planning!

With lots of ideas buzzing round their heads from the tour and talking to the Aimia employees it was time for the students to decide on a theme for their awards event as well as what food, entertainment and prizes they would have. After the initial brainstorming activity several of the volunteers fed back that their teams had worked extremely well in teams by taking turns to share their ideas and listening carefully to everyone in their team before making a final decision. The volunteers’ support at this stage and throughout the day was invaluable and was summed up by one of the students in their final presentation: “We’ve worked well and hard and listened to each other. We would also like to say a big thank you to our volunteer.” (Year 3 student from “Fireworks”)

Money, money, money

Now that students had their ideas for the awards event which ranged from Hawaiian to chocolate-themed, they were given a budget of £12,000 and had to decide how to spend their money. The “Aimia Workers” decided to splash out on food (£3,000 for cold snacks, hot food and a celebratory cake) while “Electromagnets” chose to put a big chunk of their money towards entertainment so that their event was “jam packed with fun”! But wait! Newsflash! The budget was suddenly slashed by £3,000. Teams had to go back and use their problem-solving skills to review their initial decisions to make sure they didn’t overspend.

Perfect pitches!

With their perfect awards event planned, students’ final challenge was to prepare a presentation to persuade the judges that their party was the best! “Charlie’s Shooting Stars” worked really well in a team listening to their teammates doing their part of the presentation and giving each other encouragement so they all stayed positive. The Aimia volunteers gave really insightful feedback to students when they did their practice presentations: “That was a really clear speech with lots of detail, well done! Now see if next time you can look up at the audience occasionally and try and speak a bit louder so that everyone in the room can hear you.”

Reflecting on the day

All the presentations were superb and showed just how much the students had learned throughout the day with the support from the Aimia volunteers:
Our team is the best because we are aiming high.”(Year 3 student from “Bounty Hunters”)
“My team is the best because we have been helping each other today.” (Year 3 student from “Disco Dave Dragon Fire”)

The Aimia judges found it very difficult to just pick one winner but they finally decided upon “Fireworks” because they had a great and very consistent Hawaiian theme and gave detailed descriptions about the entertainment, food and decoration in their pitch.

A big thank you goes to the six Aimia volunteers who gave up their time to support the Year 3 Downsell students in their problem-solving challenge and gave them an insight into working at Aimia and the different jobs that are out there. A big thank you too to the Year 3 Downsell students who all worked so hard and to the teachers for making sure the trip was a success.

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