Challenge Day Enterprise Project
It’s not easy to make an enterprise succeed, particularly in a very competitive market environment. Yet this was the challenge set to the students at Wheelers Lane Primary School; to establish and run their very own company, in competition with all of the other students in their class and the school! So how would these enterprising young students pull off such a feat? One student from Year 3 had the answer “Our team are working really well together. We are sharing ideas and taking the best bits for our card design.” So, right from the start, it seemed collaboration was going to be key in this challenge day.

Design Gurus

As students started working together on designs for their initial batch of cards, they found that just using their imagination wasn’t enough. They found each team member had different strengths, which combine to create a strong team. So even in the design stages they needed to be pooling their skills.

“We are working well in a team. If someone is stuck in your team you can help them do it even better.” (Student, Year 1)

Each enterprise team decided on a final design through a democratic vote, they then calculated the cost of manufacturing their design. One Year 3 classroom support said of the project “It’s great to see all of the children, especially those who sometimes find it difficult to work in a group, working so enthusiastically together.” That group focus is one of the benefits of enterprise education!

Manufacturing Marvel

As the groups set to making their cards, they had limited funds to establish their enterprise. They soon realised that by working together they could make the most of their limited resources. The best organised teams gave each part of the team’s project to an individual to be responsible for, effectively dividing the labour for maximum returns. These teams soon outstripped teams who had not delegated so effectively, so each member was working individually on their own small project.

“We designed as a team and made as a team, we are all proud of our cards.” (Student, Year 5)

Presentations in Process

At the end of the challenge day, each team presented a short pitch explaining why their cards and team were the best, whilst there were winners for the day one student in Year 5 summed up the experience perfectly “I’m really proud of my team today. We didn’t win but we tried our best and our pitch was much better than we thought it might be. We aimed high and did a good job!”

Lesson Learned!

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