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Wychall Greetings Card Challenge

Wychall Primary have been getting an insight into the world of business and trade with their latest Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day. To develop their creative, teamwork and presentation skills they set up and ran their own Greeting Card Production companies. They have also been embedding enterprise in the classroom by developing their maths and enterprise skills by creating their own chocolate brand. This challenge day complemented their learning in the classroom and gave them a chance to show their progress in lesson time projects.

Could you run your own business? Produce your own ideas, develop them, build your own product and then market it? Well, the students of Wychall Primary in Birmingham certainly can! The whole school gathered to face an enterprising challenge, to build their own greetings card company.

Each class was split into separate teams, with each team becoming a company. After being quizzed on their knowledge of greetings cards and important occasions they had firm foundations to take on this challenge. The companies now had to decide which kinds of greetings cards they were going to produce. Which type of card would be most profitable? Which style would be most appealing?

Creative Card Makers

Imaginative ideas were in no short supply, as the teams used their creative skills to figure out new ways to attract customers. Some teams opted for a classic Happy Birthday card as that would appeal to the many with its bold and bright front cover.

Another team really thought outside the box, opting for a 3D ‘Best Friends Forever’ Card that had appeal as it was unique, something no one had seen before.

Working Together to Run Efficient Production Lines

Next up, the teams had to work in their teams to run a production line to ensure that high quality cards were made as efficiently as possible. Initially, some teams ran into difficulties, with one Year 3 company saying, ‘it was really hard to combine our ideas’ and another company saying ‘we found it hard cooperating’. However, they quickly realised that if they worked together as a team they could overcome these problems.

If each person took ownership over a role and then passed it on to their colleague when completed, this would produce cards efficiently. They would become experts in their field and be able to make cards of high quality and consistently, whether this was designing the front cover, writing an emotive message inside, or completing the company logo on the back.

Excellent teamwork makes for efficient production lines!

Working to a Strict Budget

Not only was the challenge made difficult by the constraints on time, the companies were also given a tight budget of 60 EE dollars. This was only enough to make up to 6 cards so the teams would have to use their maths skills to ensure they didn’t fall into a deficit!

The teams realised that if they made higher quality cards they could sell them for more money, and this could be used to buy more resources. A cycle of profitability!

One team in Year 5 used this strategy and felt great satisfaction in this, saying ‘We are most proud of our teamwork and aiming high because we all worked together and made premium cards rather than regular ones’.

Presenting their work

With hundreds of cards being made and sold across the school, it was time to showcase all the hard work and creativity. Students developed their presentation skills, learning how to write an engaging speech, and then give it to a class full of people with great confidence. One after another, the teams showcased their hard work and proved that they were highly creative team players.

The Amazing Cards Company in Year 4 stood out with their slogan, “We make any cards, we make amazing cards” and their claim that their company was special “because we put smiles on people’s faces.”

Following the final presentation, a cheer erupted in the assembly hall. Each card company should be extremely proud of their work, were these students the entrepreneurs of the future?

An excellent day at Wychall Primary, students proved themselves to be great team players, and got an insight into the world of business. Working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise, students are embedding enterprise into their classroom learning. Find out more about the Challenge Days that we offer, and contact us to get your school involved.

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