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Enterprise Success for Bournville College

Sixth form students at Bournville College take their future seriously! As part of their work with Enabling Enterprise they went on a business trip to housing company, Bromford Group in Wolverhampton. Enhancing their teamwork and presentation skills that they’d been developing in the classroom were key foci for the day. And travelling to this exciting business was a great way to apply these skills in a real world context and bring their learning to life.

“Bromford are looking for people with the skills to be good, be brave, be different and be commercial. We would like 5 minutes of your time to tell you how our enterprise experience shows we have all these skills” said one student from Bournville College with great confidence and professionalism.

This was the opening statement to one of four fantastic presentations delivered by Bournville College students on their trip to Bromford Group. At school, the sixth form students have made enterprise a key part of their learning by taking part in Enabling Enterprise lesson time projects. This included organising and carrying out two events at their school, both of which were profitable and deemed a huge success. Now all that was left to do was tell their story.

So, how do you make that story compelling and exciting for an audience? How do you decide on the content, use the right language and project the confidence and energy when you tell it? Well, this was the challenge faced by the students, but with a positive attitude and support from their team members, they were ready to take it on! With extra help provided by four volunteers from Bromford they were ready to create truly powerful presentations.

Excellent Teamwork and Group Discussions

For starters, the students developed their teamwork skills by holding a group discussion to remind themselves about the projects. It soon became clear that by working together they could make the most of all their ideas. One team member shared a particularly memorable moment when the events company ‘Very Eventful’ successfully applied for a loan and grant from their College. With this extra money they went on to achieve above expected profits.

Reece, who had a managerial role at ‘Very Eventful’ shared his thoughts with the team: “As the Project Manager, I was king of compromise, a guide not a dictator. We wanted people to play to peoples’ strengths, get the mathematicians doing the numbers and arty and creative people making products.”

Then, Akeel explained what he brought to the company, “I was part of the creative team, we did all the work behind scenes. We were silent, like the ‘g’ in ‘gnome’, but also important, without us there would be no products to sell and nothing for the finance team to work out.”

Powerful Presentations

After completing scripts about how they organised and carried out their team tasks, it was time to hone their presentation skills and prepare themselves to address the entire room. They practised how to engage the audience, how to speak loudly and clearly and come across confidently, avoiding those last minute nerves. The volunteers shared expert advice as they give presentations nearly every day!

When preparation time was up, the students took to the stage and gave some exceptional presentations. They showed great professionalism and it was great to see how eager they were to work together to produce the best possible pitch. Volunteer Simon said “I think it’s fair to say that given the short preparation time we were all very impressed with the presentations, but moreover impressed with their attitude and input to the day’. He went on to say that ‘it was an enjoyable day and I hope they do well in their future education and careers’.

Even more praise came from Liz at Bromford who said, “The students were brilliant, they all showed real drive, ambition and determination to achieve their life goals’. This day allowed them to build aspirations, and Liz pointed out that it was ‘really nice to see some of them interested in working for Bromford one day!”

Well Done Bournville College

As the day drew to a close, proud class teacher, Jane, said “It’s been a great day and the volunteers were brilliant in engaging and supporting the students.”

Presenting is a difficult skill to master, but these students did a great job. Their enthusiasm shown by the students and the great presentations they made make everyone question whether there were some future leaders in the room…

Thanks to the Bromford Group for supporting the students in their task and giving them an insight into the world of work. Bournville College students have made great progress on the Enabling Enterprise programmes this year, developing essential life skills both in the classroom and out of the classroom. To integrate enterprise learning at your school as Bournville have, Contact Us.

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