Year 7 students were the first group of students ever to go on a trip to Linklaters with Enabling Enterprise. As the students walked down the corridor they assumed the professional behaviour of every other employee in the building – it was great to see such confident young adults representing their school.

A fantastic tour

The day began with a fantastic tour of Linklaters from Liz and Meera where students saw the reality of work life from life in a ‘24/7’ office. There were on-site doctors, gyms and even nail salons for the different departments. There was alot more to this law firm than the students first thought.

The task of the day

On their return from the tour students began their enterprise challenge – to design and pitch a new work bag for the professionals at Linklaters. The students worked in two teams to decide on their target market, what functions their bag would need to make it appropriate for Linklaters professionals and what special features would give it a unique selling point.

Creating targets

After lunch the Year 7 students set themselves goals of what they wanted to achieve by the end of the day. After such an enterprising year at school they were sure to have plenty of experience of developing their skill set and setting themselves meaningful goals. From creating sustainable businesses to launching their own magazines the students were well prepared to take on another enterprising challenge.

From targets around improved clarity, use of formal language and methods to prevent ‘ummmmms’ and repetition to drawing upon ideas as to how to better engage the audience through use of tone and expression and humour the OASB students were set to make real progress throughout the afternoon.

The presentations

The day culminated in two polished and engaging presentations with every student really demonstrating their commitment to their design as well as the style and content of the presentation. From clear and effective discussion of target markets to the blue-sky thinking behind the bag designs; the presentations revealed the hard work throughout the year and on this trip the students were really beginning to understand the importance of style as well as content.

Judging the presentations

Whilst the judges made their very difficult decisions the students reflected on and praised each other’s efforts. They also thought about the importance of presenting in such formal circumstances but also how the skill of presenting was essential for putting across ideas in class or meetings and also to interview techniques.

Well done OASB students and thank you Linklaters!

Linklaters are supporting Enabling Enterprise programmes, if you want to find out how you can get involved, Contact Us.

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