‘I thought it was a brilliant trip, I really enjoyed getting to see the pupils from different schools interacting with one another and working in teams’.

Thirty students from Ark Tindal Primary Academy and Audley Primary were given the opportunity to visit Aston University for a day of enterprise education! The task they would be undertaking was to design a work bag for the student ambassadors at Aston University. At the end of the day each team would present their bags to a team of judges and the winners would be selected.

Ice Breakers

As the students were from two different schools the day began with some fun activities so they could get to know each other. They were split into pairs of A and B, with student A thinking of an emotion and acting it out with a particular activity as directed by student B, before swapping roles. Brush your teeth excitedly was one idea, comb your hair in a frustrated way was another.

Freshers on Campus

Having been split into different groups with a mixture of students from each school in each team, they were given their challenge for the day: to research, design and present a workbag which for the ambassadors of Aston University. Before they could do this however, each team had to come up with a team name. The students showed their imagination, creativity and teamwork with names such as ‘The Sack to Success’, the ‘Awesome Aston Association’ and ‘The Carriers’.

Before getting stuck in, they were given the privilege of having a tour of the student campus at Aston University. The students were shown some of the building, student accommodation, Library and gym facilities.

Research and Design

Inspired by their tour, the students had many ideas ready to design their bags. They quizzed the ambassadors from Aston University who were working with different groups throughout the day about what kind of bag they wanted and what was problematic with their current bags.

Having completed their research it was now up to the students to design their bags and include any special features they had thought of. The students displayed their ability to share ideas by coming up with a range of special features, including a voice controlled zip, a fridge compartment in a bag to keep lunch nice and fresh and even a bag with a navigation system.

Preparing the pitch

Having designed and labelled their bags, the students then had to prepare presentations to show their designs to the judges! This would require students to show a high degree of teamwork and responsibility, working with students who they didn’t previously know, with everybody from each team taking on a specific role for the presentation.

Everyone worked hard and practiced their presentations before the volunteers and ambassadors of Aston University. They got feedback on how to improve their presentations, keeping the audience engaged and varying their tone.

Take off!

The students from both Audley Primary and Ark Tindal Primary presented very strongly, displaying great enthusiasm and presentation skills. The judges thought that all of the groups presented very well and it proved very difficult to choose a single winner. In the end the judges chose the ‘Awesome Aston Association’ team as the winning team, not only because of the strength of their presentation, which was loud, clear and funny, but also took into consideration the points the team had accumulated throughout the day whilst utilising the eight key challenge skills.

Thanks to all the students and staff who came along today, it was excellent to see how enthusiastic the students were. Another huge thank you goes to the volunteers from Aston University who gave up their time to support the students! If you want to find out how to get involved with Enabling Enterprise, Contact Us.

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