“The children really developed as team-players through the day, listening to each other and being able to effectively evaluate each other’s work and give positive and constructive suggestions for improvement.” (Year 6 teacher)

As the children started to arrive for their first ever Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day, excitement was already starting to build. With teachers dressed as spacemen and moon-themed skills charts on the tables, they soon realised that today was going to be far from ordinary.

Challenge Skill pros

Year 3 set a great example in the whole school assembly as they were easily able to name the Challenge Skills they would need to succeed. They remembered them from their lesson-time projects that they took part in throughout the year, and were soon stuck into their challenge. Focusing on improving their team work and listening skills through the day, the children quickly settled into their team roles to compete in the quiz and choose their best crew to help their society.

Developing their teamwork

Meanwhile, with support and encouragement from their teacher and each other, Year 4 were learning how to work together with their classmates who found teamwork more difficult. It was impressive how teams worked well together to stay positive and to overcome any disagreements.

“Some children are really good at team-work, some children find it more difficult, but the most important things is that you always try. That’s what will help you today, at secondary school, and in life. These are the skills that you will always need in any job.” (Year 4 Teacher)

Wild imaginations

It was Year 5’s time to shine when brainstorming their ideas for a new animal for their society. One creative team designed a spider-monkey with eight giant legs, each producing a different hot or cold drink, and a web-thrower to fix holes in the ground.

“My favourite part of the day was using my imagination, and sharing my ideas as a team to create an even better idea for our animal” (Year 5 pupil)

Memorable Endings

Finally, it was time for teams to show off all their hard-work from the day, and to put together an informative and persuasive advert for their cities. With eight teams in Year 6, it was going to be challenging to stand-out from the crowd, but with a combination of humour, actions and sound-effects, the Lunar-prise were a team hard to forget, and crowned the winner of the day.

A really great day was had by all and a big thank you to all the teachers that supported such a successful Challenge Day!

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