In 2012 the world was predicted to end. Thankfully it didn’t, however, the fear that was struck into the heart of the world’s population left a mark on humanity. A mark that has left mankind with only one option, to prepare for the worst, to prepare for the end of the world.

A new home for humanity

Fortunately, it just so happens that there is a very special school in North West London, Little Ealing Primary, filled to the brim with bright and brilliant students who are up to the challenge of creating a new home for humanity. On the ninth of July the entire school put all of their efforts into this one urgent task, they designed a moon base.

Working well in teams

First, each class was separated in to teams that would spend the remainder of the day working together to produce the best possible moon base. Immediately the teams were faced with a problem, they needed to decide upon a crew who had the abilities to construct and maintain mankind’s new home. This difficult decision making relied heavily upon team work, something that was really picked up on by Niagara, a student in Year 4 who said that, ‘It’s better to work with others so you can share ideas and learn from each other.’

A brand new animal

With the crew considered and confirmed, the teams now had to really apply their imagination to create an entirely new animal that could live alongside mankind on the moon. A team from Year 6 ‘The Survivors’ thought up an extremely useful animal that provided a constant supply of food with its edible tail that grew back immediately after being eaten.

Making the city come to life

The afternoon saw the students confront yet another challenge, designing their new moon base. Students in Year 4 said how they “enjoyed making our city come to life with detail and making it our own.” However, they also saw this as the “most challenging part as we had more ideas than we had space and there was so much to do in a little amount of time.”

Presenting their moonbase

Finally, with their crews decided, animals developed and city constructed, it was time for the students to present their moon base to the rest of their class. Confident and articulate presentations were given across the school, but of particular note was that given by the ‘Moon Melons’ team in Year 6. The wit and intelligence shown throughout the presentation, best exemplified by their invention of the ‘MHS’ (Moon Health Service), saw them awarded with the title of best moon base in their class.

Humanity can rest assured that thanks to the hard work of Little Ealing Primary our future remains safe.

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