Canon Barnett Primary school are going to take you to the moon… but not back again.

Creating a new society

Don’t worry though, Years 1 through to 5 spent an entire day on 8th July designing the perfect moon base for civilisation to move in to. They selected a founding crew, created a new animal and crafted a fully functional city with police stations, hospitals and even stadiums.

Building their crew

Each class was broken down into teams before every team was challenged with the task of deciding upon which crew members they were going to take with them to build and develop their new moon base. This task was made especially tricky as the students could only bring with them a very small crew of four. However, a student in Year 3 spoke of how he particularly enjoyed solving this problem as it relied upon good team work.

A brand new animal species

With crew members settled upon the teams now had to utilise their wonderful imaginations in order to design their very own animal to live on the new moon base. We had flying zebras (that could teach), dragons with five heads (that produced wool) and, intriguingly, an animal that could breathe ice cream!

Designing their cities

The next step saw the teams designing their cities. One student in Year 3 commented that, ‘I found choosing the different buildings difficult because we needed to negotiate with our team.’ Although working in a team definitely presented the students with some challenges, a Year 2 student could see the positive side of team work, saying ‘I think the best bit of the day was working as a team because when you work as a team you get to be more creative.’

Reflecting on the day

The cities that were produced by the end of the day, which were some of the best we have ever seen, were truly reflective of the hard work the students had put into the day. Overall, a great day was had by all, and, ultimately, I think anyone would be more than happy to leave the woes of our world behind and move to Canon Barnett’s brilliant moon bases.

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