‘I thoroughly enjoyed today, I thought it was really well paced and inclusive of all children, it was great seeing the children actually engaged in enterprise as opposed to just learning about it’ (Teacher, Petts Hill)

‘I really enjoyed the tour; I got to learn what a business was really about’. (Student, Petts Hill)

A fun business trip

Twenty students from Petts Hill Primary School were treated to a fun business trip to the offices of Page Personnel in Holborn. The aim of the day was to learn what the world of work was really like in an enterprising challenge. They would be researching and designing a workbag for the employees of Page Personnel before going on to present their designs to the judges. It would take a strong business pitch to convince their peers and the judges that their bag was the best.

From 1992 to the present

Having arrived at the offices of Page Personnel the students watched a brief video outlining the history and mission of the business. This showed how Page Personnel had started in 1992, but had limited resources and only one location. It then experienced a period of growth and established itself as a worldwide business! The video was inspiring for the pupils to watch as they gained a historical insight into how a business expands and what this involved.

The task of the day

Having had an introduction to Page Personnel the pupils were then informed of their challenge, to research and design a workbag for employees. The students came up with an imaginative and creative name for their respective teams. The students showed brilliant imagination and teamwork skills coming up with names such as ‘Amazing A’s’, ‘Brilliant Bees’ and ‘Dragons Don’

Petts Hill on tour

‘I really enjoyed the tour; I got to learn what a business was really about’ (Student, Petts Hill)

Before they got stuck in the pupils were given the privilege of touring the three floors of Page Personnel and meeting some of the recruitment consultants, not only informing them of their task for the day and quizzing them on what type of workbags they prefer but also finding out about what their roles involved.

Getting down to business

Upon their return from the tour the students began designing their handbags in order to accommodate the needs of the employees of Page Personnel. They were also allowed to include exciting special features onto their handbags. Petts Hill students showed brilliant imagination and teamwork skills in coming up with bags that included a mini-TV and even a voice controlled zip.

Creating the pitch

Having designed their bags it was now for the students to prepare their pitches to sell their bag, not only to their peers but also the judges from Page Personnel. The pupils showed a high level of teamwork, with each team member deciding amongst themselves which aspect of the presentation they were going to take on. Having decided what they were going to say the teams received feedback from more than one adult. They were given suggestions to improve, such as to maintain eye contact with the audience, vary their town and make their presentations as original as they could.


First up were ‘Amazing A’s’ who presented strongly with features including a mini TV and a laptop charger incorporated into their bags. The Dragons Den team had included a lunch compartment in their bag. The judges had an incredibly tough task on their hands, rather reluctantly the judges chose ‘Extreme Energy’ as the winning team due to the enthusiastic nature of their presentations and the overall flow in their presentation.

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