You walk out to face the CEO of the second largest airline in the UK, nothing but your wits and a little entrepreneurship between you and dismissal. Your task, to convince him that your marketing strategy is the best. You are not in this alone however; you have a crack team around you as you take the floor, picked from the most successful enterprise teams around the capital. You can do this!

Cool Collaborators

The final showdown for the contract only came about through a lot of prep work. Each team firstly chose a destination based on which flights would allow them to capitalise on competitors’ pricing schemes to maximise profits. Then they created the poster that was to be the centre piece of their advertising campaign. During these activities they were focusing on their numeracy skills and logical reasoning, assessing the information available to them and convincing the rest of the team the best course of action.

Preparing Presentations

You leave, are your hands trembling? Are they clammy? Is your heart thundering in your ears? Of course not, you performed to perfection. All the teams of from Boxgrove addressed the CEO of United Jetways confidently and really engaged him. One team talking about the target audience really clearly nearly won him over, but that was not enough to take the contract. The team who won had carefully thought through their slogan (Fly Far, Fly Cheap) because, in the end, it’s all about the money.

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