Selected from the winning teams of their in-school Challenge Day, the pupils from Queens Park Primary School ranged from Year 3 to Year 6. Mixed up into four competing teams, they were set the challenge that would separate out the ultimate winning team.

Hot off the mark with their enthusiastic actions and sound effects to gain ‘Staying Positive’ bonus points, was ‘Team Viper’. Their subtle yet effective approach continued through to the end as they put into action advice to ensure that they used expressive voices and actions in their presentations to engage the audience.

Creativity was the name of the game on the ‘Ambush Listeners’ table with not one, but two amazing designs to wow the judges. Firstly, presenters of the ‘Craze Bag’ were commended by judges for being both informative and also ‘to-the-point’ – “a difficult challenge, but you managed it!” – They were also the only team to mention Aimia specifically as their client. Whilst their ‘Time Travel Bag’ captured everyone’s imaginations with a lively and memorable presentation.

The ‘Spectacular Six’ demonstrated independence and confidence in their ideas as they took a gamble on a comic ‘skit’ style of presentation to advertise their bag. Memorising their lines impressed the judges, but was also to prove a good lesson in ‘keeping going’ if you forget a line. Definitely ticking the ‘engaging the audience’ box with their use of role play and humour, they also managed to be informative as well – but in the end, there just wasn’t enough product detail for the judges.

Their democratic teamwork shone through for ‘HEADA’ – whose name used the first initial of every team member – from deciding which special features to choose and delegating the presentation sections, to listening to each other’s presentation ideas. Each member made good progress on their specific targets and their final team presentation showed off everything that they had learnt through the day – good eye contact, great posture, formal language, good tone and expression, and excellent use of language techniques to keep the panel interested. It was a tough decision for the Aimia judges, but it was HEADA’s attention to detail that finally led them to victory.

Here’s what a few pupils thought of the day:
“The worst bit of the day is leaving.” “I want to work at Aimia now.” “I learnt how to use formal language instead of slang.” “I enjoyed expressing my imagination.” “I improved my teamwork skills and listening to each other.”

Here’s what the volunteers from Aimia had to say about the day:
“They really impressed me, I had to raise my expectations of what they were capable of.” “I was nice to see them take it seriously and get really involved, their expressivity was great.” “We should get them to work for us – it great what they achieved in such a short space of time.”

And the teachers:
“All the children have really enjoyed it and noticeably improved their posture, their eye contact and most importantly, their confidence through the day.”

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