‘I thought it was a brilliant day, the students were really engaged, actually it was the ones who are usually shy that I was impressed with and I feel the students got quite a lot out of it’ (Year 4 Teacher)

The Challenge

At 4.30am in the morning Sarah received a phone call from David Cameron to tell her that the world was about to end, however there was hope, for a new civilisation had to be built on the moon, the task of which had been entrusted to the pupils of Audley Primary School.

Having been informed of their huge task, the pupils were confident they could live up to the expectations placed on them. The first task for them was to come up with their team names in their year groups. The pupils showed their imagination coming up with names from ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Psycho Scientists’.

Which type of role suits you?

Having come up with their team names, students were then given a worksheet to complete which assessed how strong they were to perform particular roles on their mission, roles included ‘Chairperson’, ‘Chief Secretary’ and ‘Advert Manager’. Pupils circled what criteria they thought they were good at, and on occasion where more than 1 student within a team wanted to perform a role, the pupils showed great teamwork skills and either compromised or split the role amongst them.

Having decided on their respective roles, the students then had to decide which crew members to take with them, they were only permitted to take up to four crew members, which included a farmer, a teacher, an artist, a surgeon, a builder, a full time mother and many others. Students showed great teamwork and imagination in deciding who to take with them, looking at the merits of each crew member.

Hybrid species

Students were then tasked with designing a hybrid animal that they were going to take with them to the moon. Many pupils decided to create an animal which would fulfil a number of conditions providing them with transport, food, shelter and companionship. Some of the designs included an animal with a cows body to provide milk, the head of a bull with eagle vision and bats ears to help hearing and eyesight, with cheetah’s legs for speed.

‘I really enjoyed making the animals, at the beginning no one was listening to me but in the end we all started to work as a team’. (Year 4 Student).

Cities in the sky

Having designed their animals it was now time for the pupils to design a city with a budget of £10million and use their problem solving skills to decide what buildings they would build. Location was important in this task and pupils thought long and hard about where they would set up the buildings, for example the police station was not too far away from the school should an alien invasion occur.


At the end of the day students were able to develop their presentation skills by advertising and selling their society to the rest of their classmates. The students rehearsed their presentations several times enabling them to develop their communication skills and confidence.

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