“Don’t make me pick, I like them all!” (Ricardo, First State Investments)

Having worked closely with the students from Petts Hill Primary School all day, the volunteers from First State Investments found it incredibly difficult to choose the end of day winner. At the start of the day the students from Years 3 through 5 had arrived at the stunning offices of First State to engage in an enterprise challenge; staff at First State had kindly volunteered their time to help the students through the challenges. The students got to tour the offices before the challenge began; on their return they were split into mixed groups with a volunteer to support them.

“We are the best team because we have lots of spectacular things in our bag.” (Pupil, Year 4, Petts Hill)

First Challenge

Initially, the students were tasked with designing the perfect bag for employees at First State. They conducted research into the features that would help the staff be more productive or take greater prise in their bags. The planning process covered the aesthetics of the bag and the unique distinguishing features each bag had. The students packed the bags with all manner of ideas and gadgetry to make them stand out from the crowd, everything from automatic umbrellas to massaging shoulder straps.

“Today we used loads of skills such as solving problem solving and using our imagination.” (Pupil, Year 5, Petts Hill)

First Past The Post

Once they had completed their exciting designs, the students began work on the presentations that would convince the judges chose their team. They started by crafting carefully scripted sections for each member of the team, covering both key design elements and great examples of their team dynamics. After this the volunteers gave the students top tips for presenting to large groups, the volunteers worked with the groups right through the rehearsals to perfect intonation, timing and body language throughout the presentation. At the end of the day the judges all agreed that the presentations had been of a uniformly high standard, they had to be coaxed into naming a winner and praised the whole groups’ work throughout the day.

“I definitely would have bought a bag from every team today, they were all fantastic!” (Eugene, First State Investments)

First State Investments supports skills development in schools through Enabling Enterprise Programmes, to get involved in similar projects please Contact Us

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