Oliver Wyman hosted a very bright group of visitors from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School on Friday 23rd May, demonstrating that you don’t have to be a graduate, (or even an adult!) , to be an excellent consultant!

Rising to the challenge

Over the day, the team at Oliver Wyman set the children from Year 5 two challenges, testing their mettle as management consultants. Both activities were supported with expert volunteers from Oliver Wyman; being management consultants themselves, they were able to give them insight into the best way to improve the airline business United Jetways.

Starting with the challenge to improve the marketing strategy for the airline, the children brought in their skills from their in-school project ‘Design Company’, demonstrating their creativity and ability to consider their target audience. Bringing their advertisements to life with special offers and catchy slogans, such as “Feel free to feel good” for the super-rich customers or “Dream high to the sky” for families looking for an escape holiday.

The second challenge of the day was approached with the same enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, with the children considering how to improve the revenue for United Jetways. After some super speedy maths calculations, the youngest consultants ever were able to make educated decisions about what their in-flight catalogue should offer to their customers.

Presentation Skills

Following their hard work throughout the two consultancy challenges, the Year 5s then had to prove themselves in front of the Chief Executive Office of United Jetway, by presenting their ideas as professionally as possible.

A tough decision followed, but the team that showed their ability to work together, explain their ideas succinctly and have a clear strategy for the promotional materials and in-flight catalogue, meant that they pipped the others to the post.

Well done to all of the Year 5s at St Mary’s – Oliver Wyman will no doubt have some tough recruitment decisions in the future!

And thank you to all the volunteers at Oliver Wyman for supporting the children develop into such creative consultants!

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