Today, as they began a day long focus on communication, students from Boxgrove Primary School cross-examined volunteers from Freshfields llaw firm, turning the table on those who are used to doing the questioning! The children were looking at how to communicate ideas and suggestions in a clearer, more concise, manner so knew there was a lot they could learn from the employees. The students needed to get as much input from the volunteers as they could, as their challenge was to present their ideas on the best bag for a Freshfields employee to a panel of judges from the company at the end of the day.

Essential Teamwork

Working in a team is important because together your power is greater.” (Team ‘Unstoppable Determination’, Boxgrove Primary)

By working in teams together the students had designed the perfect bag for a Freshfields employee. They had interviewed workers from Freshfields’ Fleet Street offices and found out what employees needed from their accessories. The teams all worked hard to create the best bags that they could, collaborating on the design to have a detailed plan within a tight time frame.

Key Skills

“We stayed positive so we didn’t argue” (Team ‘Twilight Rainbows’, Boxgrove Primary)

By combining their skills the teams created great presentations, they focused on getting their message across in the clearest way. By practising the presentation with coaching from volunteers they saw a marked improvement in their delivery and style. Sharing ideas across the group to develop a balanced presentation, the teams made sure that each member had an important part to play. Their creative writing meant that the presentations all reached a really high level of quality. A useful skill in a law firm!

Winning Machine

“What makes our team stand out is our teamwork. We shared ideas, worked together and helped each other.” (Team ‘Spectaculicious’, Boxgrove Primary)

Every team demonstrated clear reasons why they should be declared winners at the end of the day. From incredible performances with engaging interactions to cleverly written parts that brought alive the concepts they described; the judges all rated the presentations as brilliant. But with only one winning place available a single team had to be chosen, that team was ‘Electrical Bomb’.

“I learnt that you need to act confident to do a good presentation.” (Team ‘Electrical Bomb’, Boxgrove Primary)

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