20 Y5 students from West Hill visited global business General Electric Capital at Hammersmith on the 23rd May to learn more about how important presenting is in the workplace and to continue to develop their challenge skills which they have been working on in the classroom as part of their enterprise projects.

Presentation Skills

“They weren’t just good presentations, they were the best presentations you’ve ever done and I am blown away by how excellent they were!” Mr Goymer, Y5 teacher, reflected on the fantastic progress made by his class after the trip.
The challenge was to research, create ideas for and design a new work bag for the employees of General Electric. The skills focus was presenting, an area the Y5 students have been practising at school but were keen to improve upon and our enthusiastic volunteers, Gary, Caroline, Martin & Aman told us it too was something they were always improving on in their job roles.

The Tour

The students made brilliant use of their office tour by searching out for bags and asking employees all about what they needed to carry to work and what would make their lives easier, as well as learning about different ways to communicate and share information. Back to the desks the teams shared ideas and managed to whittle them down to two special features and thought about which aspects of presenting they would like to work towards improving. Organising the information, using formal language, engaging the audience and speaking clearly were selected carefully and used as a target. Aman was very impressed with how well her team ‘Super Star 6’ were “very aware of their targets and kept referring back to them over the course of the day”.

The Teams

The teams needed to get their new design across to the panel of judges with professionalism and enthusiasm, Caroline thoroughly enjoyed working with her team ‘Tazer’ as they were “energetic yet focused on the task ahead”. Team Tazer were particularly creative today, designing a bag with a transporter to get you to your meetings efficiently to ensure you would never be late again.

‘Super Star 6’s’ new bag design had a focus on security, during their presentation they thought very carefully about the language they used, ensuring they exaggerated the exciting vocabulary. The judges were very impressed with how even though they were very nervous during their presentation, they remained positive throughout. It was particularly lovely to see a couple of students in ‘Super Star 6’ show such improved confidence in presenting from previous Enabling Enterprise trips – Well done Alisha and Louise, we were all so impressed with your progress!

The ‘Clever Brainiacs’ were working with Gary, they took on the advice from their expert to liven and wake up the audience with 10 jumping jacks to start before they got down to business. Khalid reflected on his goal to keep the audience engaged by ensuring their presentation was funny, incorporating many well-known supermarket slogans to advertise where you could purchase their new product. Gary enjoyed seeing “the spark in the children when they decided on an exciting word like exquisite or mind blowing, and how they worked hard to use it in their pitch.”

The ‘Super Inspirers 5.5’ were a team whose presentation wowed the judges and the whole room to win the final prize. They used exciting vocabulary, their relevant ideas flowed well and their team work shone out as a strong theme for their company. “We thought about how we could make electricity like General Electric does, so we have designed a super solar bag full of the latest technology, including solar panels to charge your phones”. Their pitch was strong and Martin was so impressed with how articulate the students were and how they progressed from a few words on a page to learning them and performing them with such dedication to the cause.

Our huge thanks to everyone at GE Capital for all your support in making this visit possible. GE Capital have supported skills development in schools through this Enabling Enterprise programme, to find out how you can get involved Contact Us.

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