Anh Khuat is a Masters of Finance student at London Business School, one of our partner organisations. For the past year Anh has organised the volunteers for school trips hosted by LBS as well as joining the students on the day. Here, she reflects on her experiences as a volunteer.

The LBS Volunteer club

At London Business School (LBS), we are engaged in a broad range of activities including volunteer events. Through the LBS Volunteer Club, we have been supporting Enabling Enterprise in several of their educational events for primary school children.

A trip to LBS

Having worked with the EE team in 7 events so far, I still find myself amazed at such creative ideas that 9-year old children can think of. My heart melts seeing them having great fun during the “adventurous” trip to LBS.

These events usually start with “getting to know the volunteers” where we often have to think really hard to explain our jobs in the most simple way. As my previous job was working in an investment bank this is hardly an easy task. After this we support the children in their task for the day. This is the most exciting part of the day. Unlike us adults, 9-year olds’ minds do not have any boundary that restricts them from having the wildest and most creative ideas.

Students are so creative

Once, our project was to set up a snack shop at LBS and the children suggested taking orders through “whatssap” so that master students coming out of lectures can pick up the food quickly during their short break. I wish LBS snack shop actually did that! Another time, when designing an office space at LBS, they chose a golden toilet as a special feature so that, and I quote, “people can do business in style!”.

Our role as volunteers

As volunteers, we make sure all ideas are heard and shared among the group. We encourage the quiet ones to speak up; the outspoken ones to welcome others’ suggestion and use a little voting system in case a decision cannot be agreed on. If time permits, we usually take the children for a tour around the LBS campus and introduce them to our lecture theatres, study rooms, common rooms. I could not help smiling when they told me how impressed they were and one even said: “I know what I’m going to do when I grow up. I will go to London Business School”.

During these events, we also try to convey a message to the young students that we always keep learning in life. For us, the adult ones, we learn from our jobs, from each other, and some of us go back to business school to learn new skills and broaden our opportunities. We hope this will make the children treasure even more their time at school with teachers and friends.

A rewarding experience

The Enabling Enterprise events have been among the most rewarding extracurricular activities for me at LBS. They bring all LBS staff and students together and in a team, we can really make a difference in helping children form the necessary skills, confidence and aspirations they need to succeed in life. Also thanks to the excellent guidance of the Enabling Enterprise staff, both the volunteers and children always get the best out of this experience.

Thanks Anh, it’s great to hear that you find these experiences so rewarding. Our volunteers from London Business School give so much insight into the world of work and help support them in their enterprising tasks. If you want to find out how you can get involved, Contact Us.

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