In education, it’s a well known fact that learning outside the classroom can help enrich subjects and engage pupils, enhancing their understanding. With this in mind, students from Topcliffe Primary travelled to the offices of MADE, in Birmingham. Here’s how they got on.

An Intro from the CEO

David Tittle, CEO of MADE welcomed the students, introducing them to the work that MADE do in improving the quality of the built environment in cities, towns and villages. The students were asked to think about what they saw on their way to the offices. They were surprised to hear that it was likely that even the trees they saw will have been planned into a built environment design.

Topcliffe students then worked in teams to explore the outdoor courtyard area at the rear of the MADE offices. David produced copies of the existing design plans for the outdoor space from the council, for the students to look at. This was perfect inspiration for their challenge – to design an outdoor workspace which would make better use of the space than before.

On with the challenge

The students got straight to work, using the many resources available to them in the design room. Then, they created their designs, remembering to search for yet new ideas from the models, design plans and wall displays available to them.

As the designs were taking shape the students began to prepare a presentation to showcase their work for the day.
The Designing Dare Devils team came up with a memorable slogan:

‘Feeling stressed at work? Not in our garden,
Feeling stressed at work? Not in our office!
Feeling stressed at work? Not in our outdoor office!’

A word from the students

Libby, from Topcliffe, ‘really enjoyed being able to go outside, be creative and share ideas’ and rushed to tell Enabling Enterprise Senior Associate, Sarah Marlow, that, ‘It gave me ideas about designing workspaces. It could be a job I think about in future.’

Many thanks to the volunteers, who provided an enriching environment for students to develop their enterprise skills and learn outside the classroom.

Enabling Enterprise has partnered with MADE to promote skills development in schools through this programme. If you would like to do the same, why not Contact Us?

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