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Feb2014 13

“It was great for the kids to be able to see what the business world actually looks like” (Year 4 Teacher at Kender Primary School)

Another great trip for Kender Primary School to an exciting top business in the centre of London, as ten lucky Year 4s got to visit the exciting and dynamic offices of Forward Internet Group in Camden. As an entrepreneurial organisation supporting several smaller start-up internet groups, Forward was a great venue for the children to continue to hone their enterprise skills they have been working on in school.

The Year 4s at Kender have already completed two lesson-time projects this year, most recently the ‘Design Company’ using their creative imaginations to design a new football kit for the school, and this was a fantastic opportunity for them to embed those skills further.

The Competition begins

After a short warm-up, the group was quickly split into three teams for the rest of the day, and to help them along the way, each had a great volunteer from the online marketing team to support them. First challenge for the newly formed groups, was to create an identity for themselves, and soon the new team names were chosen: ‘Amazing, astonishing adventures’, the ‘Best, brilliant brainboxes’ and finally, the ‘Coolest Cats’ – most certainly ticking the alliteration box.

After getting to know their volunteers, and finding out a bit more about what it’s like to work in an office. They were soon working on a series of short activities building towards them designing a new and exciting office work space for eight happy employees to work, relax and eat.

Inspiring spaces

For many of the children, this was the first time that they had visited an office – so it was time to do some research, and Forward were kind enough to let us have a little tour. With doodle walls and palm trees, ping pong tables and PlayStations, bean bags and pet lobsters (!), there was certainly some great inspiration for the children’s imaginations. They had some great ideas of indoor ski slopes, ice cream machines and free Nandos, but had to use their problem-solving skills and a pros and cons list to narrow the options down to their best three.

The Pitches

After a fast and furious flurry of activity after lunch, it was soon time for the final presentations to the panel of four judges. They received some great feedback. The volunteer working with the ‘Amazing Astonishing Adventurers’ commented how great it was that the children were willing to accept and combine each other’s ideas. The ‘Best Brilliant Brainboxes’ were described as a “creative and passionate team” who used their model well to describe the best features in detail. Whilst the ‘Coolest Cats’ were finally the winners title for their excellent presentation skills and “brilliant ideas” including a waterfall and swimming pool.

Once again, a massive thank-you to all the volunteers from Forward for giving up their time, and also to the teachers and staff from Kender Primary School.

By hosting this trip Forward have supported the work Enabling Enterprise does in skills development,Contact Us to find out how you can support us as well.

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