Northwold Primary at UBS

‘You all did really well, I was so impressed by how well you worked as a team’ (Volunteer, Lawyer at UBS)

On 21st January students from Northwold Primary travelled to the Head Office of international investment bank, UBS in the heart of The City. Three employees joined the students for their day of enterprise education. Sharing decades of experience at UBS it was clear that they knew the ins and outs of the building. So, why not start the day off with a tour? Quietly and sensibly, the students explored the building making sure to be respectful of the hardworking employees at UBS. Would the students like to work in an office like this (or could they design it better?)

Designer for a Day

Their challenge for the day was to design a new office space for the employees of UBS. Using their Imagination and creativity was vital to impress the bosses.

‘United UBS’ thought it was a great idea to have a relaxing area with comfy sofas, bean bags and sleeping pods. This would stop the employees getting so exhausted at work that they wouldn’t be able to do their job well. Alert employees are hardworking employees!

‘Five UBS Gang’ decided to have an extensive snack area, offering all sorts of foods and drinks to keep everyone ready for action. This team drew together everyone’s ideas and created one brilliant snack shop design, to create a colourful and well stocked shop that would brighten everyone’s day.

The Boss Arrives

The students put the final touches onto their designs and they were ready to take on the most daunting challenge of the day: pitching their designs to the bosses from UBS. Who would impress them the most? Who would wow them with their stunning pitch?

‘The Power of Five’ talked the bosses through their design in clear and confident voices. They discussed their design process and the changes they made after listening carefully to each other’s ideas. They decided that a basketball court was not appropriate for an office environment, but as the workers should have a place to exercise they would have a gym. Great problem solving skills.

After each team had finished their presentations it was over to the judges. “You all did really well” said one volunteer, “I was so impressed”. However, there was only room for one winner (drumroll please) … United UBS! The judges were really impressed by their excellent teamwork skills throughout the day so felt they were most deserving of the prize.

Thank you to all the students who took part and to the volunteers from UBS. A great day for all.

UBS have supported skills development through this Enabling Enterprise programme, Contact Us to get involved in similar projects.

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