ARK Tindal at IBM

Students from ARK Tindal demonstrated their ability to share ideas in a fantastic show of teamwork at IBM today.

Working together in mixed groups of Year 5 and 6, these students revealed how well they were able to get on with people they don’t normally work with, and embrace the experience of working alongside professionals.

Year 5 have been making their own board games in the Number Games project in school, while Year 6 have been creating a school publication with Making News. Evidently they have already been building their skills through working together on these projects; the day at IBM was a chance for them to develop them in a new, professional environment.

The volunteers from IBM gave them fantastic support to further develop these skills, working closely with them to ensure that they were aiming high during every activity. Using the opportunity to question the volunteers about their own experiences of education and the world of work, the children saw the importance of these skills beyond school.

The teams were set the challenge to design a Snack Stop for the offices at IBM and made full use of their volunteers to question them about what food and drinks they would like and how they could ensure that their Snack Stop met the customer needs. One team made a great link – having found out that IBM stands for International Business Machines, they decided their snack stop should be called International Business Meals, ensuring they had acknowledged their customer and what would attract their attention!

As well as teamwork, sharing ideas and an abundance of creativity, the Year 5s and 6s really stepped up to the mark in their presentation skills. Team Food Glorious Food showed excellent language skills, with a strong and engaging introduction – even involving a song! – and were able to answer the challenging questions put to them by the volunteers. Ultimate Meal Snack Deal brought in alliteration and rhetorical questioning to their presentation – two extremely sophisticated tools of persuasive speaking which gave them the edge and enabled them to win the presentation points and become the overall winners of the day!

Importantly, all teams supported each other in with less confident speakers or those for whom English was not their first language – a brilliant example of teamwork.

Following the presentations, insightful feedback from the volunteers ensured that the students left the day having reflected on how much they had achieved and how to keep on building on what the experience had given them.

Thank you so much to staff and students from ARK Tindal, and everyone at IBM Warwick for making it such an enjoyable and valuable experience.

IBM have supported Enabling Enterprise through this trip, Contact Us to find out how you can support skills development.

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