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Year 6 pupils from Oasis Academy in Croydon had a fantastic trip to BT on Thursday 17th October 2013. Despite a long journey to take part in this exciting experience, students got straight into the spirit of things by finding out their personality type by using a specially designed questionnaire. Some pupils already had a strong idea of what they wanted to do when they were older, such as a chef and a doctor, but others found the questionnaire spookily accurate and found the suggested careers really interesting food for thought.

Design Brief
The aim of the day was to work in teams to build a model of a bridge using just a few resources, a challenge all the groups really excelled in. All the groups certainly embraced the idea of teamwork and sharing ideas from the offset.

“It’s great to work with someone you don’t usually work with; I learnt loads of new things.”

Springing into Action
The creative juices were flowing freely and by lunch time the teams had help group meetings to discuss their design ideas and special feature that they hoped would bag them the winning prize. Some teams went for the cool design option with funky images and even Mickey and Mini Mouse featuring in one design. Other groups thought carefully about how to make their bridge economically viable by adding a toll gate at each end to charge their customers.
“If you put your mind to something you can really get it done.”

Presenting Ideas
With a final flourish of activity, all the groups managed to finish their bridges and prepare presentations to show off their ideas to the BT volunteers that were helping out on the day. Each group gave confident and well planned presentations, but in the end the BT Bridge group won the pitch with their special BT Bridge idea.

Not only was their bridge environmentally friendly with solar panels for generating power, but would aim to be a tourist attraction too by offering the traveller a unique experience. As you drive on the bridge a moving travellator would carry your car along, whilst TV shows and sports could be projected onto the windscreen to entertain you as you travel along! This pleased the BT volunteers no end and ultimately secured their success.

“We all got along because we were kind and helpful and we cooperated really well”

Well done Oasis Academy – budding civil engineers of the future.

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