Over the course of just one day, over 200 students at Curwen Primary threw themselves into the exciting world of politics!
With over 36 different teams, from Year 3 to Year 6, student were set the challenge of putting together their own political parties to compete against each other in a final hustings and voting poll. The students at Curwen, aged 7 – 11, demonstrated that young people certainly need a voice and can make a difference when working together.

“I’ve learnt how to debate properly and give speeches” – Year 5

A key part of the day was developing an understanding of the importance of teamwork and mutual respect, in order for democracy to succeed. This was demonstrated fantastically when the each ‘Political Party’ was pitted against each other in a class debate – working in their teams to come up with their arguments, and listening carefully to each side before observant questioning, showing that primary students know debating is not about arguing; some might even say they demonstrated this better than some politicians!

A clearly caring group of students, each political party – from the ‘Party for the World’ to the ‘Help and Protect Party’ – chose to look after all sorts of groups in society with the money they would have in government. One Year 6 making the insightful comment that we should look after the police, as they are the ones that look after us!

“I’ve learnt how people vote in elections” – Year 6

Once the students knew who and how they wanted to look after their community, the students got creative with how to ensure that their party would attract the attention of the voters – their fellow classmates along with visiting parents! Hats, bracelets, badges , rosettes and more adorned all who were trying to ensure their parties ideas were being spread widely.

Using the skills developed in their debating, and their understanding of the aims of a political party, a successful hustings was undertaken at the end of the day chose a winning party in each class, who will be presented with their winning certificates in the whole school assembly.

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Curwen Primary School were using the “Day in Politics” Challenge Day – you can find out more at http://enablingenterprise.org/primary/challenges

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