What happens when you put a group of Year 6 students from different schools, in a new, prestigious but intimidating environment such as the central building of the Swiss global financial company UBS?

When students from Park Primary, Millfields Community School and St Albans arrived early on Tuesday 9th July to the UBS office, they were slightly shy to begin with. By the end of the day, however, the students were confidently working together, negotiating ideas and presented their final product to a panel of judges.

The students were split into teams with people they had never met before and briefed on the Enabling Enterprise Challenge: How can we improve school lunchboxes?
The students, who were still slightly reserved, began to discuss different problems with lunch boxes and how they could be solved.
“My lunch box is too heavy” or “my food is never the right temperature in my lunchbox” were some of the obvious problems raised, but the solutions were extensive and exciting, as the students became more confident and engaged in the task.
One student suggested: “We could make a ‘multi-use’ bag with handles, wheels, rucksack or over the shoulder so you can choose how to carry it…”
The ideas gradually began to come in; another student suggested:
“We could have a mini fridge and microwave in it!”
One of my favourite ideas came from a boy who had not yet spoken much:
“We could include an i-pod dock so we can watch TV, use the Internet or listen to music whilst we eat lunch.”

The students faced their ultimate challenge when they presented their new lunchbox design to a room full of approximately 50 people and ‘The Dragons’ (also known as the volunteers from UBS and members of the Enabling Enterprise team). Whilst practicing for their pitch, the students were shy and reading from a script. Yet, during the presentations, the students confidently pitched their ideas, acted out scenarios and even managed to memorize their lines so that they could address the large audience with confidence.

After the presentations, one student said:
“I am proud of how well I worked in a team with people I didn’t know before.”

Well done to all the students who developed their confidence throughout the day, which enabled them to fully engage in the enterprise challenge, work in teams, develop plans and present their ideas to an audience.

A huge thank you is owed to all the volunteers from UBS.

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