What is our Value Proposition? Project Planning at PwC.

The Heartlands Academy PwC Young Business Ambassadors had to go through a rigorous recruitment process this year. The visit to PwC set out to give the successful applicants a head start on their exciting challenge – to complete an ambitious enterprise project before sharing their learning with their year group in a one hour session they have designed.

With no time to loose, the two teams got to know their PwC helpers and dived head first into a top-level negotiation role play, pitching a shopping centre developer against the representatives of a small town community. Putting their communication skills to the test the teams went head to head trying to secure the best deal for their group.

Having reflected on their performance with the help of PwC volunteers, the teams had to apply their learning straight away as they developed their own project ideas into exciting presentations. It was great to see students seamlessly put into practice some sophisticated business tools like the Business Model Canvas as they began to flesh out their ideas.

One team focused on a sports event which would bring the Heartlands Community together with a bit of healthy competition while the other team wanted to help Year 6 students be better prepared for their transition to secondary school. As both projects needed to secure the support for senior leaders at the Academy, teams began preparing concise and exciting presentations designed to secure these key partnerships.

Drawing on the expertise of the volunteer helpers, teams rehearsed their presentations before getting up to take centre stage. It was great to see such confident presenting styles from this highly motivated Year 10 group.

With their projects ideas clear teams can now progress to a more detailed project plan and use their learning at PwC to get the Academy fully behind their ambitious ventures.

My thanks go to the PwC volunteers, James, Georgie and Daniel for giving up their time to support students.

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